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Thread: Bosses can fire you if where diaper

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    Default Bosses can fire you if where diaper

    I was wondering. If a boss can figure out you are wearing. Diaper. And its for fun. Can he or she fire you. Like. For a example. Hey makena I see you. Are. Wearing. A diaper. Why. Makena. If don't. Need. Then. I will fire you

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    i wear diapers and depending on country you are in and if have doctors permission

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    So I have nothing. To worry. About. Because. The last thing I want is. Why did you get fired because. I wore. Diapers around the boss

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    I do to but never half that problem so I can't say anything

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    You would pretty much have to go into working wearing JUST a diaper. If you don't make a big deal out of it, no, you won't be fired for wearing a diaper to work.

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    There are states in the USA that don't require a reason for them to terminate your employment. They theoretically could do that but it would be a poor excuse. It would be like firing me for wearing panties under my work clothes. It's just underwear so as long as you aren't showing it off or causing problems you shouldn't need to worry

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