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Thread: New to Abdl, scared of telling my fiance.

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    Default New to Abdl, scared of telling my fiance.

    Hi, I'm 30, I'm a mtf transgirl and I'm new to all of this. I've wanted to try it for a long time but just kept ignoring it as much as I could. Recently i bought my first paci, and I want to buy my first diapies. I'm really scared to tell my fiance about this. We're already having problems and I think she would react negatively to it as she has shown kind of a negative reaction to it, when like reading about it.

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    How is she handling you being transgender? If that is a problem for her, I wouldn't throw being AB/DL at her just now. If she's okay with your sexual identity, what other problems are there? How accepting of a person is she? It can be difficult for a lot of people to accept people who are different from themselves. You will be presenting her with two very big deviations from the societal norm. You might want to go slowly here, but eventually you will have to tell her if you plan to continue to wear diapers and all that goes with that. Marriages must be based on trust.

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    She knows I'm trans. She is trans herself as well. She's accepting for a lot of things, just not sure about this.

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    I think that you must analyze the trust and faith you have in her. If you trust her and have faith she would accept it or at least be apathetic towards it.

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    Are you sure she wouldn't approve, or just scared she wont.

    Do your research on abdl first, then write down your feelings. Ony if YOU understand it first, can you explain it to others. Once you get there, then sit down with her and let her know you're opening your heart to her with this.

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