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Thread: Since I see this debate come up alot: Some professional opinions [not mine] on when childern should be potty trained

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    Default Since I see this debate come up alot: Some professional opinions [not mine] on when childern should be potty trained

    I thought these articles do a good job explaining why its wrong to potty train too early for the sake of a child's long term well being. I feel that the child's well being is more important then any bias a parent might have about when to train. I've certainly seen biases both ways when I've read other threads on this.

    As for what constitutes potty training too late. I don't have an article on that one but my uninformed opinion is that the absolute cutoff is when kids start kindergarten since those schools aren't equipped to handle changing diapers. Thus meaning that there is a time frame where it can be done without causing problems.

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    Good point, and I have to wonder if too early potty training has led to at least some of us becoming abdl (I suspect it may be true with me).

    I would also add to do everything you can to encourage their potty training at the right age/time. This said, I also say never force or coerce them to train, even if after age 5 or in kindergarden.

    Yeah, if bullying from other kids starts, then that will only add to their encouragement. If however, the kid even then still refuses to train, then that just shows how emotionally entrenched into diapers they are, and that removing diapers from them at that point could be even more harmful to them.

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    I don't remember potty training one bit, maybe that's why I'm ABDL I don't know, but for me I believe I won't start training until age 3 or so but I'm not sure

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    We just had a long debate on this last week, I come off as being very biased as I was taken out of diapers too soon, I wet the bed and was never allowed diapers, even after stealing them from my brother I was still insulted by my bad and not allowed to wear them, I have always wondered if I was allowed to use them when I needed them that I would not have been a DL, that would not have prevent my current situation of IC though but at that time when I was a kid it would have been a lot less, we lived with my grandmother at that time and she threated one time to hang my wet sheets out side and tell my friends that I wet the bed, I am glad that type of thing is less of a problem these days but some parents are just overbearing, I know they mean the best for there kids but some stuff is just way to over blown, one of my good friends asked me about his 5 year old needing diapers at bed, they even woke him up a few times in the middle of the night, that is not the way to go, it's now seen as normal for kids to need them at night till about 10-12 years old and that's the advice I gave, don't know if he followed that or not, I also mentioned that if his kid hated diapers to then see a doctor, there is medication that can help but it works by slowing your kidneys down and to me that does not sound like a good idea.

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    Not too early not too late should be key.Everybody is different.I'm sure being potty trained before 2 because diapers are expensive was a big part diapers.
    As an incontinent individual.I could easily wear pads but whaaaay prefer a diaper.That and it's unashamedly sexual too.

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    Has anyone done a survey about how early ABDLs were potty trained?

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    Many surveys have been done on this site, I think one or two have been done regarding this subject

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    I was potty trained at around 18 months probably way to early but my parents seemed to be the type of people to want me to grow up fast if that makes sense.

    I wet the bed until I was 13 and I was threatened with diapers numerous times before I wore goodnites and sometimes while I was still wearing them. I instead wore goodnites from 8 until about 10. it boosted my confidence somewhat but I now wonder if I wore diapers at an earlier age would I have been drier at an earlier age then I was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerry View Post
    Has anyone done a survey about how early ABDLs were potty trained?
    I've tossed together a survey inspired by this question.

    I'm conducting a survey to see if we can make any correlations in data between your potty training years, sexuality and being an AB/DL now.

    All feedback on the survey is welcome!

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