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Thread: Diapers for a week....Advice wanted.

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    Default Diapers for a week....Advice wanted.

    Hey All!

    Ok, so firstly, I've been a ABDL for at least 10 years now. In all that time, I've finally found someone who enjoys it as much as me....well she's getting there, it's still new for her.

    We are switches, but she is predominantly the little, I am her Daddy. However, having started off as a little, I can't help but have an overwhelming want to be little from time to time.

    We have both agreed, that I am going to be the one in diapers for a whole week (I have booked a week off work).

    Now, this is where I need you guys to help. I need advice on rules for the week.
    I will not be little ALL the time but, 24/7 diapers is a definite.

    Where I am more experienced with the whole scene, I don't want her to be overwhelmed. If you have any questions to ask that may help make this week coming soon a fun and enjoyable week for both please ask.

    Any help would be HUGELY appreciated.

    Thanks Peeps

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    First off I'd say "no messy diapers unless she requests it". That takes a big commitment on her part so don't push at all on that front.

    Second, I'd suggest you ask her how she would like the week to go. Feel free to give her some suggestions and options, but give her full control of setting the pace. You might want to define a "loose schedule" of little-time vs grown-up time. Evenings seem better suited to little than mornings, so if you're going that direction I'd suggest grown-up time be in the morning say until noon. (or whenever, depending on how much time she can tolerate... and she needs to understand she can change this schedule if she wants to)

    Just give her as much control over the week as possible. She's the adult after all

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