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Thread: Funny statement by my accepting wife

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    My wife is a cat lover and will not move a cat that is laying on her. Yesterday I was laying on the couch after work and still wearing my ABU Preschool Diaper. I wear for an overactive bladder which has lead to urge incontinence. One of our cats decided to lay on me and go to sleep. I told the cat I needed to pee. My wife says (without missing a beat) "Well you are wearing something aren't you?" I snicker then stick my tongue out at her. I waited a few moments and told the cat I needed to pee. After being convinced the cat was not going to move I peed.

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    I would have ended the conversation with " .... nevermind."

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    Nah, the tongue sticking was appropriate.

    I've had a bunch of times when my wife and I are getting ready to leave the house, she will say hold on I need to go pee first. To which I always reply, good idea, wait a couple of seconds, then say ok I'm ready.

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