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Thread: Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

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    Default Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

    Last week, the newest FE game came out on 3DS. I am enjoying this game. I like the combat system, the villagers, the pegasus sisters, and the story. What I dislike is how experience gains are so slow and makes grinding a pain in the ass and having to buy the DLC just to make it go faster. I do not have the season pass because I can't afford it, about $35-$50.

    The two armies you control are different in many ways. In Alm's army, many of your units are weak to magical attacks, which makes dealing with witches an ordeal (they can teleport, BTW). The 4 villagers can become any class you choose. I have Tobin as a paladin, Gray as a sniper, Kliff as a sage, and Faye as a falcon knight. Other good units are Silque, Python, Mathilda, and Mycen.

    Most of Celica's team is made up of spellcasters. Mae, Boey, and Sonya make really powerful mages. Saber, Atlas, and Jesse become super strong dread fighters. Est, Palla, and Catria are used as a triple threat of white wings that just wreck many foes.

    Is anyone else playing this great game? What do you wanna see in the next installment?

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    Is no one here playing this game? Oh well, then I should just close this thread soon.

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