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Thread: A diapet lover. Out of the box

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    Default A diapet lover. Out of the box

    I feel like I am tired of hiding and. Be like. The gays where nobody shames you. But how? Being a diaper lover and. Every one is like no big deal.

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    i never hide my lifestyle

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    They're always going to shame us if exposed. That's why we need to become mentally strong enough to deflect the haters. And sometimes the worst hater of all is yourself! We have these fears because they are innate survival mechanisms to protect us. But if the fear is becoming too great, you'll naturally want to start a purge cycle, right? Better safe than sorry approach? How long do you think that'll last? How long until your inner feelings turn to frustration and anxiety?

    This whole thing of personal acceptance is hard, but what choice do we have? You obviously don't want to live in fear all the time. I felt the same way. I felt like outing myself to the world, drawing back to withstand the public distain and ridicule, and then finally living with the secret out.

    Hey look. This is really just about what underwear you prefer and find more comfortable. It's your business and your business to share only.

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    By doing it every day regardless of fear and being yourself. To hell with what others might think.

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    Thank you honeycombs. I know my family. Would never allow me to wear around the house. Even cover by shorts. I guess if I can be around. The right people.

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    So how do i work on self acception

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    There is no Shane in this I wear diapers because I have to for nite nite. And during the day too. These nothing with it and me have me a play pen pal now too.

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    so how do I get rid of this shame Iamando other then wearing a diaper every dinner hour and going to the car after work?

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    There shame I sometimes. Just wear s onesie over my diapers

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