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    I'm having a massive panic attack right now, I'm trying to calm down, but it's not going away.

    I'm so sick of panic attacks and flash backs, I don't understand why my anger turns into panic attacks.

    Anyone got any coping tips? oddly enough anxiety gives me the I'm going to die, or suicidal thoughts sometimes.

    I'm feeling very uneasy and feel like I'm gonna die lol.

    I've had panic attacks for 5 years I think now, this is getting beyond a joke, does medication help with panic attacks?

    Worst part is the shaking, that lasts for a good couple hours after a panic attack.

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    Usually I believe panic attacks happen to us when something we are avoiding thinking about breaks through our mental barriers or self induced deceptions.

    I find that the best way to handle panic attacks is to narrow down and pin point the most recent thoughts or actions we experienced before the panic attack.

    When we feel calmer, a good way to tackle this is to break our problems down into manageable sizes and deal with them that way to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

    again, it may just be me, but I have associated panic attacks with reality breaking in.

    for me, I find that a good way to come down after an anxiety induced situation is to read something trivial while drinking something comforting, such as hot chocolate.

    I would advise against medication until you have eliminated current life situation as a cause from your panic attack, as while it may be more comfortable to put the medication into play as a wall against your panic, it does not solve the underlying issue.

    the same goes for alcohol.

    Hot chocolate and a good book or a little movie?

    I hope you feel better soon

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    What helps me is cuddling something. I like things that are really soft and huggable like a stuffy or my snuggle blanket. I also listen to music because it usually distracts me and has a healing affect on me. I play video games too, and that helps as well. I don't know if any of these things will help though. :c I hope you feel better soon!

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    i hug my teddy bear

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    You need to see a doctor. I was diagnosed with anxiety disease and had constant panic attacks at age 22. In my case, severe anxiety was brought on by smoking pot for about 5 years. Anyway, it was not due to a circumstance in my life, but a dysfunction in my nervous system triggered by a drug. Many people have generalized panic attacks that have nothing to do with their current situation. It's as if you were chained to a train track with the train bearing down on you and you are thinking "I am going to die," but in reality you are sitting in your quiet living room at home. I took prescribed drugs to get off that train track and I haven't had a panic attack in 25 years. My bladder and bowels are screwed up but I can handle that. See a doctor.

    In the meantime, eliminate caffeine, alcohol and sugar. Try breathing exercises and visualization techniques. Picture yourself breathing easy on a nice quiet beach in the tropics.

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    I was getting them 25 years ago when I was working in a job that was demanding more from me than I could give. One was so bad that my wife called the paramedics because she thought I was having a heart attack. I would try breathing into a paper bag, but sometimes that doesn't work. Eventually i changed jobs and I stopped having the attacks.

    I think there is medication that can help, but I think you should talk to a doctor and see what is recommended.

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    Talking with someone is an absolute must. I agree with the posts about seeing a doctor, but it's also just as helpful to talk with someone you trust (not necessarily a parent or family member, but perhaps a good trusted friend).

    One very important thing to keep in mind if medication is prescribed is that you fully understand what you are being given, especially if it is an antidepressant being used as an anti-anxiety. This has been a very common practice in the medical field but what your doctor may very likely forget to tell you is that the dosage is SIGNIFCANTLY higher than what you might expect (and your doctor may increase your dose everytime you have a check up). This is annecodotal information, but it's still important to know that this could happen. That way you don't walk away feeling more frustrated and have the added stress of having to take more and more pills (which only fuels the cycle!). If you have a clear understanding of what is being prescribed (the why's and how's), that will go a very long way to helping the problem and the frustration of popping pills could be significantly decreased!

    Oh, and coping tips. . . focus on something that you love and try and work it in when you are in a panic attack. I love the outdoors, so getting out of the building I was in was the only way I could stop it (I never had a panic attack while I was outside). But using a focus tool (lucky rabbit's foot, key chain, a picture in your wallet/purse that you can look at) can also be effective. And perhaps try and get away from other people? That way you don't have the perception of being judged or having to deal with "sympathy".

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