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Thread: Smileys in handwriting

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    Default Smileys in handwriting

    Sometimes, when I'm not thinking, I'll be writing a note (I never put smileys in anything formal I do) to someone, and I'll try to put in the or :3 face or something like that, and I'll be like "...waitaminute... couldn't I just draw a picture?"

    Has this happened to any of you? And, if so, how successful were you in conveying the smiley's message?

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    I do it on purpose.

    Not often, though. Only a select few times when I'm passing notes back and forth.

    It's always succesful, 'cause I only use the =) smilie when I do it. Or =D.

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    IMing and chatting and posting on forums has definitely made me more prone to including smiley faces when i'm writing by hand. i generally make them right-side-up though.

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    As much as I overwork my smileys in chats (especially ones that have the ":^)" smiley) I never use them in my writing unless it's on an unimportant test or assignment that I didn't care to study for, or don't care to do.

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    I do it all the time, but not exactly on accident. I think it looks cute, but it's generally habit now.

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    I never do it. They just don't look right to me. What I really like is the collection of emotes I have on MSN. If only I could use them for everything...

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    I have been known to, but never in important writing, and I always think of it as doing it ironically. If I am passing a note to someone I may write one sarcastically. I never do it seriously though, and I don't often do it as a joke.

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    It makes more sense to draw an actual smilie out rather than use one of those code tings andrisk looking stupid.

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