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Thread: Channeling your talents to make extra money

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    Default Channeling your talents to make extra money

    So, I am a girl with a few talents, some of which excell more than others.
    I am working on a sculpting a model parts kit, as sculpting is my strong suit.
    Is there anyone else doing this? If so, what talent do you have that you are using to make a little extra money with?

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    My talents have always been in music. I had my first paying church playing job, pipe organ, when I was 12 or 13. I've been a church music director most of my life. I also played in a very good rock band for 15 years.

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    I can't say that I'm currently using my talents to make money on the side, but I've been considering doing some tutoring in mathematics. In grad school that was actually quite fun for me. Probably not as fun as playing in a rock band though, dogboy has me outdone. ^.^

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    Sewing and drawing, but more the latter than the former. I usually turn down most sewing related inquiries, because I only picked it up to sew for myself. d:

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