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    Greetings folks,

    As the title indicates, I consider myself to be a little different than most who wear diapers as my reason for wearing falls between medically necessary and personal choice/pleasure.

    I've been wearing a diaper in conjunction with using a catheter 24/7 since April of 2015. I often use a wheelchair, but not all the time.

    I really enjoy the comfort and most of all security of wearing a diaper in case of any accidents or leaks around my catheter. These and the wheelchair are not 'medically necessary'. I have an identity disorder and am much happier not walking, on wheels, and incontinent. I've had these desires all my life. Since well before puberty. I encourage you to google BIID.

    I don't think this stuff should really separate me much from this community, but I definitely understand if it rubs some people the wrong way. Curious? Ask away. I'm happy to answer questions. I look forward to connecting with other folks in this community who are incontinent or may be on their way to incontinence, and if I can spread a small bit of awareness about BIID that'd be a bonus!

    I work in environmental and outdoor education, I'm a volunteer coach, amateur bicycle mechanic, and I have a thing for 'extreme' sports. To be fair...I usually keep it pretty mellow and like to stay safe out there. Definitely a fixer/maker sorta guy. I like home projects, DIY stuff. It satisfies me to work with my hands to create or improve something. I've dabbled in sculpting, and even have some musical talent that's taken a back seat for a while now. Oh, and I just saw the new GoT trailer for season 7 today. Yeah. Can't wait for that.

    I think that about does it for this introduction, boys and girls. Thanks for reading!

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    Hi MJ,
    welcome to the group, as I'd never heard of BIID I did as you suggested and looked it up and yes I can see it will probably upset some members. Apart from that a good introduction. So i suggest you start looking at the forums and find a few you like the look of and join in the postings, you may not be able to start new topics yet. But if you read the rules and tips page (link at the top of this page), they will give youa grounding and what can be said and done within the group. in ther meantime haave fun.

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    Certainly not here to upset anyone. I'll be looking around the forums more today and probably leaving some comments along the way. Thanks for saying hi.

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    I don't think BIID should disqualify you from here.

    The little I know of BIID, I got from one or two shows on NatGeo (or maybe the Science or the Smithsonian cable channels - certainlynot the crap from TLC and stuff). It's not something that I can identify or relate to but it is a medically known 'disorder' (not sure if that is the correct word, apologies if it isn't).

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    Hi MJ,
    i wasn't saying you were here to upset people, just that it's a possibility. Not everyone will necessarily understand what BIID is or does to the person with it and i can't see any raeson why it would stop you being a member. We all have a lot in common, but a lot of us will also have other problems or issues that we may or may not talk about. At least by being open about your problems people can make a choice as whether or not to message/befriend you.

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    Welcome to the website.

    As you stated your particular situation is a little more unique, but that said you should have no problem fitting in with members in the community for your interest of diapers. There are a lot of us here that like diapers for a variety of reasons which include comfort, safety, etc.

    As PCBaby said though, you might want to be a little more careful around the members here that have a medical background that brought them to this community; although some of them may have come to enjoy diapers, some might take offense that your, I don't want to say deliberately but I will because of lack of a better term, deliberately taking away abilities because they don't have that choice.

    I would probably recommend you avoid declaring yourself incontinent or wheelchair bound, maybe at the most just stating you like to catheters and medical accessories to enhance your experience when taking to the AB/DL contingent of the members.

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