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Thread: Feeling little in couple of non-little people

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    Default Feeling little in couple of non-little people

    Lately if I do anything with any of my vanilla friends even if it's riding on a bus I feel like I could slip in to little space and I dunno if I should worry about this because if it happens I don't know what people would think

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    my boyfriend treats me as a little in front of his regular friends. he feeds me my milk bottle in front of them, plays with my toys and cradles me over his shoulder. he always takes me in bathroom to change my diaper in private but tells friends he is doing because he doesn't want to expose my slit in public.

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    I feel as though i could slip into little space, it is super embarrasing when you are with friends in a restaurant and then you start to go into little space. I get super restless and fussy, one of my friends always keeps one of my pacis on them in case i need it

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    I feel the same, I think its because sometimes freinds sorta "care" for each other. I've found myself wanting to just be little when I'm at a mates house and we've all gotton together.

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    Does any of your friends know that you are little (ABDL). If your mates act silly and joke around, join in and let the little side out.

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    I'm find it hard to stay out of Littlespace, just protending to be a grown up or "adulting" is so hard.

    All my freands know that I have a childlike crater about me.

    Some time I wish that being Little was like being gay. Different but ok. So if I won'ted to I could suck my pasifer in the supermarket and it would be ok. ,

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