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Thread: Should I be afraid to admit my little side?

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    Default Should I be afraid to admit my little side?

    I'm not usually one that likes to keep things hidden unless it's something I'm having a hard time expressing (IE verbal and emotional things). Lately, I've been feeling really confident about showing off my little side. It makes me wonder if this is a bad thing? I just want people to be well aware of my true self and not see me as someone I'm not... :S

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    My family knows I'm a little for the most part (my dad doesn't know) and they're all fine with it. But everyone reacts differently so it's something you should think long and hard about before doing.

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    My boyfriend knows about it, and a few of my friends know too. They are all fine with it. My parents actually think a lot of my "child-like quirks" are because o my autism. I'm just going to let them think what they want to think. I don't feel like having to explain it, especially not to my mom. x____x

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    Just leave the AB/DL related content out and you should be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Note View Post
    Just leave the AB/DL related content out and you should be fine.
    I don't really do much ABDL stuff anyway, considering my situation.

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    Long before the internet, when I was young, I'm sure I did childish things because without having anyone to relate AB/DL things with, I didn't make the connection. I just acted childish at times. When my mom found my diapers, that whole dynamic radically changed. When I was first married, the same kind of things occurred. The first year that I was married, my wife bought me some plastic duckies for the bathtub. It's weird to be obvious and not realize it.

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