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    Hey all, I'm Loki. Username is LokiB because there is apparently already a Loki.
    I'm a recent graduate with an associates in accounting, think I'm close to my first job in that field. I'm also enlisting in the Marine Corps (did first paperwork same day as I graduated^^).
    I'm still pretty new into this side of me (especially not hiding it). I like diapers, pacifiers, etc. And I really like reading babyfur stories. That's actually how I stumbled upon this site.
    Because of college (and for most of the past two semesters, work) I haven't had much time to have fun. When I did, it'd almost always be video games. Battlefield 4 on the PS3 dominated most of my precious free time. However, I do love laser tag when I can. I'm also a furry and looooooove the Mandalorians from Star Wars. I also am fascinated with NBCW (Nuclear Biological and Chemical Warfare), cyber warfare (I stayed up till 3 am while on vacation to learn about the Wanacry attack that happened that day), and unconventional warfare.
    I joined this site to try to explore myself a bit more and hopefully make some new friends and to take over this whole site.

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    I love the Loki part of your username. :3 It sucks that "Loki" is taken, though. Are you a fan of his btw? Or is the name just completely random? Anyway, welcome to the forums. I'm sure you will enjoy being here. I've met some pretty nice people. :3

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    Thanks I've never heard of a "Loki". Guessing some sort of musician?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LokiB View Post
    Thanks I've never heard of a "Loki". Guessing some sort of musician?
    Actually, he's a Marvel villain. XD You can see him in my profile pic (even though it's a little version of him).

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    Welp, I think I just proved I had no idea who he is lol
    I just really like the name, so I picked it. Seems good so far, so I'm sticking with it

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    Hi LokiB,
    welcome to the group. I am an ex Royal Marine Commando and trying to hide my incontinence and my ab side whilst i was in the military was extremely difficult so be warned as if you are discovered it will probably get you discharged. NBCW is fascinating but you will discover more of that if you are accepted by the US marines. In the meantime have a look at the rules and tips page (link at the top of this page), read through the forums and get stuck in, hopefully you will come across many like minded members.

    AdorbzLittlegirl you said "Actually, he's a Marvel villain. XD You can see him in my profile pic (even though it's a little version of him)." Loki was actually one of the Norse (Viking) gods of old like Wodin (aka Odin,his father) and Thor (his Brother). he was known as a trickster and basically the darker side of the Norse gods. They date from pre-Christian times.
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    Thanks for the warning. I've hid it from my Mom, dad, and four younger brothers for years, so I have at least some experience hiding it. See how well it serves me.
    I'm DEEP into NBCW. I've read countless websites and checked out every BCW book from my college's library multiple times. I can't wait to see what the Marines can teach me about it (besides the gas chamber).
    Loki is a trickster? NOW I know why I picked that name XD I'm constantly tricking or messing with people.

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