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Thread: Does my character sound like he could be IC?

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    Default Does my character sound like he could be IC?

    Okay so... everyone should know by now that I've been writing a ddlb (daddy dominant/little boy) story. Anyway, I've been wondering about my character Lulu. He has a hard time holding his bladder and making it in time to the bathroom. He also doesn't "feel it" when he goes. He only knows that his pull-up or night diaper is wet after it's already happened. It can sometimes be the same way for him when it comes to his bowels... but not always. I was just curious if this would be considered as incontinent or not. I know that moderate forms of Traumatic brain injuries can cause incontinence as well. Lulu has one, but it often varies for him, especially now that he's twenty years old. He was diagnosed with a TBI when he turned four. His father pushed him down the stairs when he was three, causing him to hit his head on the hard floor. It caused him to have a huge concussion, having been really young at the time. So yeah.

    What I'm trying to ask is... does this sound like incontinence? Sorry if I'm being really ignorant and everything. :S I don't mean to be... that's why I'm posting in here to learn more for my character. >< I also want to make note that by writing my character as incontinent... it is not me wishing that I was myself.
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