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Thread: some problems being IC

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    Default some problems being IC

    hello all,

    i've got a couple of questions, can someone help me out?

    I'm IC all my life, and now i'm experiencing kinda problems,

    i've got some diapers with 4000ml capacity, and i'm still scared to leak,
    so wearing pvc pants and a good onesie to get the best absorption, i'm suffering from anxiety special in company to get a leaking diaper...

    how do you all cope with this?

    also, i tend to get really bad migraines when i need to have a BM, i've cut my caffeine intake about to a quarter intake into 4 cups of coffee with 2 decaff cups included...
    when having a BM it's becoming a standard thing after eating spicy food, and coffee i'm having a BM... unfortunatly they get worse and more often in my diapers than at the restroom.

    i've asked my doctor, and she told me this is my way my body reacts, so i've got to cope with this...

    does anyone find it to sound familiar?

    thanks, Hero

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    Even the best rated diaper will leak from time to time unfortunately thats something we have to deal with, not all high capacity diapers are created equal. What diapers are you using and have you tried the following brands
    Forsite AM\PM
    Better Dry (New Version)
    dry 24/7

    I find the forsite or the better dry diapers to be the best for absorbent material and they are a litrle bit wider then the dry 24/7's

    if you are at home its ok to try to max out the capacity but when out and about its better to change way before you reach the saturation point of the diaper.

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    You need to figure out a changing schedule. Most people who are fully incontinent don't go through a whole day without having to change. How long are you getting with these diapers? if its less then 6 hours, you may have to consider some type of boosters.

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    Diaper leaks are s side effect of IC sooner or later they happen, regardless of what we do , you need to accept that fact and move on, consuming time effort and energy worrying about something that may not happen today or ten years from now is just causing yourself stress needlessly , you are taking every precaution you can , the rest is in God's hands , being prepared and handling a leak confidently without embarrassment or shame is what you need to accept and plan for , with IC your new normal is it's a possibility nothing more nothing less , you drive a car everyday without being consumed that you could hit a wall and be killed, you step off a curb even though millions of people have broken there back that way , risk mitigation strategy plays a part in everything we do, and you are doing your best with your IC to minimize the risk of a leak ,all you need now is a plan for what you do if and when it happens to handle it calmly and effectively without creating a huge scene, doing this is a far better way than getting stressed over it .

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    Tetra is right on this,I'm 63 and have had many leaks in that time span and life goes on.

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    thanks guys !

    i'm changing every 4 to 5 hours, and when i have a unplanned emergency BM, as soon as possible offcourse

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    To give yourself time on those bm's use your plastic pants and chlorophyll or nullo tablets, they will give you grečn pňop but will extend the time you need To stop what your doing to go change .

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    Quote Originally Posted by allen View Post
    Tetra is right on this,I'm 63 and have had many leaks in that time span and life goes on.
    Leaks happen when you are incontinent and dependant on nappies. It is how you deal with them that matters.

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    Or go an extra mile in terms of protection. I use lined plastic panties to deal with diaper leaks. And watch my fluid intake so I'm hydrated but no more than that. This has helped me going through a whole day or prolonged business meetings without embarrassing leaks.

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    Coping isn't easy, it's just coping. The bowel accidents can be really degrading and the clean up and change afterwords is really something to deal with. Changing frequently enough is important but it depends on how often you go. I usually change immediately after a bowel accident if I can and that's enough usually, it's mostly like 3-4 times a day. Sometimes I might wet it a lot and have to change just because I've wet it up to the max amount but that's rare. I am both bowel and bladder incontinent so i don't make it to the restroom ever so I can't exactly relate to your situation. I don't even know when I'm going sometimes.

    As for food changing anything not really much. The only thing that changes is the amount of food which makes total sense. Especially these family dinners make for a really big bowel accident at night which makes up for a really hard change in the morning. But types of food don't really affect me as much.

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