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Thread: Calling all fans of Tranquility

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    Default Calling all fans of Tranquility

    Have you used the plastic backed Tranquility?
    Do you see much difference between the slim line and the ATN diapers?

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    Not sure what you mean, the tranquility ATN's are plastic backed. The Slimline's have a lot lower rise then the ATN's and don't seem to hold as much. The ATN's don't breathe as well being plastic backed, and the Slimline's do breathe, They also seem to get or feel damp when you wear them for an extended amount od time when wet. Hope this helps.]

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    The slimlines are a joke. The ATN's are mediocre ok, but at least don't cost too much. They do work for daytime use, but don't expect them to absorb very much or last very long. They do not work for overnight.

    Really there is much better out there, and at a better/lower cost per day too.

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    I've found the ATN clump something awful too. But they are low cost and have okay capacity. (high sap, lots of swelling)

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    never worn slimlines, atns were decent last I wore them, tend to get pricey though to get shipped.

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    I some times wear both versions but I am not a heavy wetter, last I checked the slimlines are available in both clothlike and plastic, I have not tried the clothlike ones as I can not stand a clothlike diaper, I hate them to no end, I use the ATN for long car trips or for the movie theater and not bad for what they cost, the slimlines to me are ok but I am not a fan of them

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    They are not very soft inside. I rash from them very easily.

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    Just to be clear on what I am asking. I bought a pack of slim line used them up. Then got a pack of ATN, both plastic backed. I was expecting more of a difference. Not having them side by side I really don't see any.

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    The ATN's have a higher capacity overall than the slim lines. They have more sap and will swell more, but are still not great as compared to other more premium brands. I could not sleep without leaks in a slim line. The ATN's might get you through the night if you don't flood, but not that reliable.

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    I've looked at trying the ATNs, but I can only find them with the cloth like backing.

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