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Thread: Garywear aktive brief pul pants europe

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    Default Garywear aktive brief pul pants europe

    Anyone knows if the Garywear active brief pul pants are available from within Europe?

    I would really like to have these as I heard they are really good as extra protection on top on a disposable, yet still being comfortable.

    I know I could just order them from either the US or Canada, but shipping cost is really expensive same for customs duty.

    Thank you in advance

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    measure your thighs carefully. the leg measurements don't track well with the waist measurement.
    in other words, where the waist fits perfectly, the legs will be too tight. So use the thigh measurement as your guide. I think this may be true for all plastic pants from my experience.

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    I know very bit about measuring etc. My question was for whether these pants were available In a European web shop, eBay I know, but freight is still horrible. I'm looking for a bulk purchase e.g. pack of 5 pants for instance.

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