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Thread: Fun 2+ player online game (not FPS)

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    Talking Fun 2+ player online game (not FPS)

    Hey all! I'm looking for a new game to play online with my friend... but with some fairly specific requirements (below). I just wondered if anyone can help me find a fun game to play.

    I was really into computer games in the 1980s(!), but since IBM-compatible PCs came along, I've only really enjoyed a few puzzle/adventure/strategy games, and a few simple/fun car racing games (with just up/down/left/right controls). I got really into the Civilization series for a while (but it just takes too much time!). These days I just play Trackmania United (a fun online car racing game), and I love it. But I'm looking for something new.

    So... I'm looking for a game that is:
    • Online -- so I can play with my friend
    • Not a first-person shooter -- I just don't enjoy them
    • Fun and addictive -- easy to play for ten minutes or two hours at a time
    • Either skill based (like driving a car) or strategic or puzzle-based
    • Not a driving game -- much as I love Trackmania, I'm looking for something different
    • Not too simple (like online Tetris/Pong/Chess/Scrabble) -- I want a proper game

    Can anyone help? Does such a game exist? A game where online fun is first and foremost? A two-player online game where you work together as a team could be fun. Or fight each other to the death! I dunno... :-/

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    Hmm, if you would be okay with 3rd-person-shooters I could recommend having a look at Warframe, but (!) at least for me I don't enjoy it with randoms, in a private party it's cool.

    Review is from PS4, but you should find everything on PC too, you can access the game via or via Steam if you like.

    Kind regards,

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    I don't know what kind of setup you have. But if you have mobile VR I could recommend Hardcode. It's a third person virtual reality game with single player missions or online multiplayer with Deathmatch and two arenas for Capture the Flag.

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    I would suggest Civilization, its extremely addictive, easy to pick up and put down, able to be saved and carried over.

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