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    Ok, I know loads of people will disagree but I am never buying ABU diapers again, in my opinion they are just not comfortable, they are ridiculously overpriced and there are so many things I do not like about them:

    They clump even when dry

    They do not feel like a diaper, the ridiculous material of the shell of the ABU Space, it feels like rough sandpaper?

    They do not fit nicely

    Ok I am sorry to everyone alright, but how can these be classified as "[email protected] when the fit is terrible and they clump terribly, I wake up in the morning and it doesn't feel like I am wearing a diaper, it just feels like I am wearing a horrible, seriously uncomfortable thing and I can't wait to take it off!

    I wear diapers to escape from depression, anxiety and horrible sadness In life, I am not happy waking up in a clumped, seriously uncomfortable thing.

    MyDiaper & Abena are cheaper and are so much more practical, actually feels like I am wearing a diaper other than some horrible ridiculous thing, diapers are a comforting item for me and I am just fed up with ABU now, I have only one pack of Bambino Magnificos and have only used one so far as they really are the best of the best (in my opinion again) so I am really trying to save them but I have been really low today so may just have to wear one tonight for an escape and comfort but I think i will sacrifice and just use these flipping horrible ABU diapers up, I really can't wait to be rid of them, noisy, uncomfortable, ridiculous.

    Yes I am drunk but tell me why much cheaper diapers are comforting me more than "ABU premium"

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    Actually they are not classified as premium diapers. When properly fitted, they will always leak before even at half capacity. As such, their total absorption/time before leaking, compared to total cost, is too high and not worth it.

    The only (and popular) way around this, is to wear one size too small. Unfortunately this leads to a slew of other problems, which again takes them out of the premium league.

    Sorry, but mydiaper and abena suck too. For something truly cheaper overall, and way better quality, try confidry or northshore.

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    I've never had any problems with clumping when it's dry, although I do agree on the absorption aspect.

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    I only ordered ABU little pawz once, so I wouldn't know about these problems except the bottom tapes wear off after only three hours. For some reason I can't fit in size large so I can only use XL. Buying it scented is not worth it, it's just the same thing, only a few extra dollars more. A redeeming quality is that the designs are cute, but nothing much else. I prefer Rearz Safari anyway.

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    Sorry MartinPeters that ABU don't work for you.

    You are absolutely entitled to the your own reality and feelings and certainly not every diaper is A) going to fit every person and B) feel the same to everyone.

    Funny for me ABU Vintage Mediums fit best of all followed by their "premium" space/simple then I goto MyDiapers as a 3rd option and find the fit of old Abena to be very basic and more of a struggle to make it fit correctly (shape wise not size.)

    For the remainder of your ABUs have you tried folding them length wise before use to activate the channels and have less clumping?

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    yeah not every diaper is not going to work universally for every one, look at me, depends plastic diapers work great for me but are total trash for most others, you have to shop around and get samples and find what works for you

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    I Can't agree on this one as I'm huge ABU fan and Never been let down by them. They hold a ton compared to other diapers. They take 5 full bladder wettings for me to get one to Max capacity before Leaking and that equals to 2 litre bottle of Pepsi Max. And still no leaks. They don't clump when dry And I'm talking Only about ABU SDK v2 and ABU Cushies v2. They also don't clump when wet for me even at max capacity. When you take them off they look Just like Bigger version of Pampers size 6. I Also Love Pre-Schools and Simple they are just awesome. But I guess fit differs for everyone and I guess the slimmer you are the better chances for you to have No-Leaks at all.

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    I use to have leak problems with all high end diapers, my problems were the same as others that complain about only half the diaper being used (not wicking correctly) Well it turns out that it was me, I was putting the diaper on wrong, before giving up on the product, watch a few videos showing how nurses put patients in diapers, look at how they place the product on them, how and where they place the tapes, I was putting my diaper on to high in the back, then taping the bottom tapes way to tight, this trapped the fluid and didn't allow it to travel correctly, and because the product was to tight is would aid in falling apart.
    I was diapered by a girl friend that had a nursing background and she put me in my normal at the time little paws, after she did it, it felt totally different, I could grasp it at first, but then I figured out between placing the diaper in the right was on the body, lining the very top of the front equal to the very top of the back, then just snuggly taping the bottom tapes and do the same with the top makes this product excellent.
    To those that just wear the single tapes, the single tape diapers force you to line the diaper more correctly, so they seem to work better.
    My issue with abu, it if you wear there diapers correctly, they fit more like underwear, I personally like a higher riser in the small of my back and the front to be about 1/2" below my belly button, but you cant have it all.

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    I've never had a single problem with ABU, I love ABU, they are my favourite brand out of all the brands I've tried so far (5 brands in total). No clumping, amazing absorbency, love the soft feel on the outside and super soft inner core. Love their designs and they're forever improving

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    They've never clumped on me, I wonder if you are confusing clumping (the breaking up of material) with just the material between the legs getting squished together?

    As for fit everyone has different bodies, what works for one person doesn't work for someone else. I know what brands work with my body type well.

    There are lots of different brands including cheaper medical brands so instead of getting worked up over it experiment away until you find a few brands that work for you.

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