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Thread: Pampers UnderJams & Bed Mats

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    Default Pampers UnderJams & Bed Mats

    I believe that Pampers is discontinuing their UnderJams and Bed Mats.

    Here in Germany they disappeared completely out of every retail store. If you for “Pampers UnderJams” in the German Google, you receive a sponsored Link to Pampers:

    But if you click on the link, the page is not found.

    That really doesn’t bother me, but they also discontinued the Bed Mats and I liked them a lot. At least a lot better than the Bed Mats from GoodNites, because the equivalent Brand of GoodNites (blue tape) here in Europe is DryNites (green tape) and on their Product the adhesive Tape is only ¼ the size than the American equivalent:

    They are also applied differently, not on the topsheet but under the topsheet:

    What is your experience in your home country?

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    I seem to have found that underjams are extinct in my local supermarket. I hope they don't get rid of them as I really liked them. Maybe they'll re design them. Who knows.

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    I also find that dry nites leak and not that absorbent tbh. Never used the bed sheets so I don't know about them.

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    Maybe it's just a European thing they are still going strong here in the US. We buy them frequently, often switch between these and goodnites for my son.

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    I doubt they're discontinuing them They are still very common over here in the US. However you can only buy them by the case. Every so often we will switch between goodnites and underjams for my son I have not noticed any drop-in availability. I can still find them at every store in my Hometown

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