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Thread: Medical records and diapers

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    Default Medical records and diapers

    I know doctors maintain records of their patients and was wondering if they would indicate a patients preference for wearing diapers if their was not physical or medical need. If the patient preferred diapers over underwear would that info be listed in the patient's record? Thank you for your comments.

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    Unless you were seeing your doctor for something related to that no.

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    These days it's pretty clear what's going into the records at my doctors. Both my PCP and the ENT use DragonMedical and dictate their findings on the spot. They don't put anything in the notes that isn't directly related to the treatmetn.

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    If it's not a medical need, probably not. Of course you can bet it was in my psychiatrists records because that was one of the reasons my mom sent me to a shrink. So if you were seeing a counselor and diaper wearing was discussed, that would be in the record because that would be one of the reasons you were there.

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    if you were seeing them about incontinence, they'd probably indicate ussage of management products.

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    Yes, I mentioned it a bit to my shrink, so I suspect it's relevant there.

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    My experience was somewhat different. Some years ago, I was diagnosed with chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, though I seriously doubt that's what it was. But in the process of trying to nail down what was wrong, I saw a urologist several times. Not wanting to withhold anything pertinent, I told him that I sometimes wore diapers. You know, for fun and to manage the symptoms. I then asked him to not include that in my records. He basically said that it was going in. I don't know if he actually did it, but he said he would. I should probably ask for those and look. Hmmm.


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    It's not something you ever want in your medical records in this day and age. The words 'pre-existing' should mean something to people a little more nowadays than previously.

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    Well I know in Australia it does. Last year I went to have a couple of sun spots burnt off at the sun clinic. Doctor ask me how long since I've had a full body check. I told him I could not remember so he said strip down to you undies. The only problem was I was wearing a Molicare under my undoes. He checks over my body finds no other sun spots except for the 3 I had concerns about. Then he asks me about the urine problem pointing to my nappy. Ask me are you seeing someone about that. Dam I just said yes.
    So next time I go back to my local GP months after my visit to the sun clinic doctor he ask me about why the need for nappies. I thinking surely he cant tell I'm wearing one now. He said the sun clinic doctor had in his report that I was wearing a nappy. I told him I was having some issues but that its all ok now. So its on my file that I wore nappies.

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    I know it's in my records as I needed a referral to a urologist to have things checked out and my psychiatrist has it in there records as well, when I applied for disability all of that had to be included

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