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Thread: Advice on purchasing diapers?

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    Question Advice on purchasing diapers?


    Currently I use Tena Slip Plus. They're okay but can't hold a lot of urine and can leak. I'm wondering if anyone can suggest any good diapers that are affordable in the UK. Preferably on Amazon.

    My current ones cost me 15 for 30. It's costing me a lot in diapers as I go through around three a day. I'm still going through the NHS to get me diapers on prescription but it's taking a lot of time.

    I need them to be affordable. That's the main thing.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Default this site looks pretty resonably priced and you can try samples. might be one you want to consider trying. They at least in the past for me remained comfortable even after heavy voiding.

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    Abena M4 is 16.50 on It is the first (and only so far) diaper that I have ordered online. They perform well for me, but I hear that the European ones are not plastic backed (if that's your thing) like they are here in the States.

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    Defiantly recommend looking at nappiesrus, you say you currently use Tena slip plus, have you thought of going up to Tena slip maxi? I use them at the time and they're not bad, I get these via NHS.

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