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Thread: Why are you a little/AB?

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    I'm rarely alone and able to, but it allows me to relax and forget about a ton of stuff. My dad has been very abusive my whole life. I have a ton of stress, am very tense, and am still fighting some other issues. It allows me to just forget about everything and it kinda allows my mind to simplify and reset a bit and not feel like I have to control absolutely everything possible. It's the only time I'm fully relaxed. When I'm having a rough time, I'll put on a diaper (if I have any) or try to secretly suck on my pacifier to calm down a bit.

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    I have anxiety issues too, and also I was diagnosed on the autism spectrum a few years ago. I mean, I'm capable of being an adult when I need to be, but I think those are the reasons why I have a little side.

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    Really I've been like this for as long as I can remember.

    Nowadays I keep doing it for comfort and stress/anxiety relief.

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    I became an adult baby because when I was about six years old I developed a terrible fear of death. I would lay awake at night obsessing about getting older and the inevitability of my own demise. Since I was so worried about ageing to death the I decided to try imagining the opposite, and it worked. I continued to visualize myself getting younger and smaller at bedtime. When hormones got involved my age regression fantasies got mixed up with my developing sexuality and an AB/DL was born!

    These days I am back to regressing more as a comfort thing, but it is also my preferred means of experiencing intimacy.

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    I just one day decided to try something new and got some diapers.
    That was a slippery slope that I am very happy to have slipped on to x) I found out how relaxing and safe and nice this whole thing is!

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    I'm just wired with emotional intensity. Everything is more dramatic in my head. Everything more stressful, noisy, aggravating, and scary. You ever see that Michael Douglas movie from the 90s, "Falling Down"? The funny opening scene is pretty close to how my usual mentality is functioning. I'm extremely sensitive to rejection and disapproval, which I think is a big reason I've lived so far in the "diaper closet". I feel like the draw to this lifestyle, the desires and strong feelings stem from my early life and my brain finding a comfort mechanism to calm the noise. Unfortunately, that perfect comfort was then vilified in my young brain as something bad. Something gross. Something to be ashamed of.

    But I own who I am now. This is me. A sensitive guy with trouble processing emotion. I've found a terrific way of easing my anxieties via a method that is misunderstood and ridiculed by the general population. I feel happy and I feel normal. This tells me that I've finally listened to what my brain (and heart) were telling me all along. I just want my comforts. I have no interest in actual babies or children. Just a guy who really kind of wishes he still was one, and is in his heart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dollifyme View Post
    To try and have a childhood I never really had?
    Same here.
    My Childhood was Hell.

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    I used to be a purely DL. However, once I met other ABDLs, I grew to like some of the other aspects of being little, tried them, and really grew to like it and eventually just labelled myself an adult baby.

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    I've always been interested in little-ish things. There really is no reason as to why I'm a little, other than to sate urges i get to partake in such things.

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