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Thread: Why are you a little/AB?

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    Default Why are you a little/AB?

    I'm curious to know what makes you a little or adult baby. :3

    For me, it helps my anxiety. I feel more at ease when I get really into little mode. Even when I'm feeling childish, I still feel calm because it makes me less nervous and such. I have really bad anxiety, and it can be very hard to cope with at times. I still try to manage it some with medication, but I don't want to end up taking too many things at once just to conquer it. Without being little, I wouldn't have any way to manage my anxiety and realize my true self either. Being little is who I am, and it's what makes me the person I've always wished to be. ^^

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    I'm really not sure what makes me a little. I just like feeling like a kid and having fun. I don't remember a while lot from my actual childhood, but I would like to love it now. So, I'm not really sure, been this way pretty much my whole life.

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    I think mine comes from severe childhood abuse, and a need to hide from it in babyhood.

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    It relaxes me from the stress of everything and it makes me forget about my childhood.

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    It keeps me calm at home and makes me forget about all the hard times I had as a kid. Whenever I get really stressed in my room I would suck on my paci or go full out adult baby depending on my mood. Now I always have a pillow pet on my bed.

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    I'm AB for the fast paced lifestyle. The money, cars, and diamond plated grillz attracted me immediately.

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    I am a AB for the fun the thrills and of course above the huge stress reliever it is really takes away a lot of the anxiety in life.

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    same as the above except for cereal who must have a very rich 'sugar daddy'

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    I really love the idea of an escape. It helps me release from the hardships I have faced. I also think it's adorable to dress up a grown woman in a cute little ABDL outfit!

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    I don't know, except that I think I was prone t kinks and since I also like smooth and soft things, diapers may have been doubly appealing. That doesn't necessarily explain my interest in other baby things but it's all enough fun that I really don't care much where it comes from. I know it's an odd thing to love but in my gut, I wonder why more people don't love them.

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