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    Hey guys,
    Finally decided to get a new laptop and I kind of feel sad to get rid of my old Asus laptop but it's motherboard packed up for good. Really can't afford a macbook and I'm just looking for something that'll last and if needed I can repair/replace parts. I've researched a little and Dell in general seems to be a good option.
    Just curious if anyone recommends any specific brand or are all the same?

    Like I don't want to buy a laptop every two years or so, it's just.....i hate this buying culture. Even with phones people just buy a new phone every year or two. It's crazy, I still use my trusty Moto x from 2013 slapped lineage os on it maybe time for a new phone too?

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    Don't buy Dell if you lack the technical knowledge to fix them yourself, they use proprietary hardware and it's a nightmare to work with. And don't buy HP either, unless it's one of their Elitebooks, everything else in their lineup is just glorified, poorly built junk. I suggest going with MSI or a Lenovo Thinkpad.

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    I would replicate what Note said, Dell and HP are garbage. You'll find the cheapest of the cheap components built in it resulting in hardware failures, poor performance, and so on. Invest in something that'll give you great performance years down the road and not something that meets the requirements of today's standard requirements.

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    Unfortunately most consumer targeted laptops have become largely disposable items as you said. They last a few years then they start to fall apart (hinges, fans, inverter, keyboard, etc). You can eek a decade out of them, but they arn't really built for it.

    The business line stuff used to be good, but even that is going in the same direction. Cheaper to just deal with a stream of dead laptops and a short EOL period than to buy and support laptops for the long haul.

    Ultimately no specific recommendation as far as brand goes. I don't think any brands are particularly really good or really bad these days, they all have their winners and losers. You really do have to go on a model by model basis. Pick a few that meet your price range and required spec, then hit up the reviews.

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    Your budget will play a big factor into a recommendation. While others had some great suggestions, I'm going to go against the grain here and suggest you look at Dell's Latitude line of laptops. I really like the latitude e5440 line as it's pretty affordable and modern enough, they use fourth generation Intel cpus and has several expand ability options. These range from $180-$250 ish and really offer a great value. While I agree with others that Dell's consumer line is very lacking, they have a great business line. The latitude series doesn't use property components and are incredibly modular and easy to work on, as they are designed for an average IT Support Specialists to work on them. Dell actually has service manuals for free on their website for every Latitude model which breaks it down disassembly step by step. The latitude e5440 has super cheap parts and plentiful amounts of them, making it easy to maintain and keep for awhile, since it supports up to 16gb of DDr3 1600 and sata III for ssd support you can really go to town and make an incredibly powerful and affordable machine that will last awhile. If you want a bigger screen there is also the latitude e5540, the same machine essentially but in a 15 in form factor. The latitude line is also great as you can buy a dock and be able to easily turn the laptop into a desktop with just a simple connection to the dock. I'm certainly no expert but I do have a degree in IT and have worked on many brands and styles of laptops, and while I love Macs for their build quality, the Latitude line is a better value and so much easier to work on than practically any other modern machine.

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    ALWAYS get double the ram you think you need too.

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    Get a ThinkPad. I have a T60 and after 11 years it still runs great. Built incredibly well and one of the most gorgeous keyboards you'll find in a laptop. I can't speak for the newer models but if they're anything like the T6x series then I'd recommend them in a heartbeat.

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