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Thread: Diaper pins on disposables

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    Default Diaper pins on disposables

    I purchased a case of ABU's Simple during the "tape the tapes' sale and was having problems with the duct tape staying stuck to the plastic shell of the diaper. I remember reading somewhere that diaper pins work to keep the disposable tapes on and decided to give it a try. I'm on my third day with no tape problems! Hope the sale is still going on! Has Anyone else given this a try?

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    No leaks. I've found that the pins keep the tape in place.

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    What I've been doing is tape the diaper on and then add the pins to the taped on areas, being sure to start at the fixed area of the tape and then going through both layers (front and back). The result is a snug diaper with tapes that stay in place.

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    I've used pins when needed, for decades. They are easier to carry around than a roll of tape, and easier/quieter to remove too.

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    I put safety pins at the base of the wings on Tena Stretch Super and Bianco Stretch as otherwise the wings tend to separate from the shell over time.

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    What kind of Diaper pins do you use on disposables?

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    Actually that was what you used on disposables in the early 70's. That tape was the big upgrade in the mid 70's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by egor View Post
    Actually that was what you used on disposables in the early 70's. That tape was the big upgrade in the mid 70's.
    And weren’t they originally designed to be worn with plastic pants?

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    I've used diaper pins on disposables when the tapes fail for many decades. Not the ideal situation, but works pretty good.

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