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    Default My introduction! ~ ^o^ ~*

    Hi all, my name is Claire!
    So to start this off, I am a 25 year old trans girl from South Australia. Over the years of my life I didn't feel like my gender identity didn't fit with who I am as a person. Once I turned 19 I decided that I would begin taking the necessary steps to start transitioning from Male to Female, and at 23 I finally started hormone replacement therapy. Over 2 years has passed, and now I'm feeling so much happier with how I identify, and present myself. Speaking of identify, I'll put here that I also identify as pansexual, but am a homo romantic. This is a tricky one to explain, or I'm just over complicating it, but for me I'm attracted to the female image. So a person could identify as Male, Female, Transgender, a Cyborg ninja etc. and if they come across as feminine then I might find some attractions in that person, but masculine traits are a turn off for me.

    Now here what I like to do is put down my top 5 things I think are interesting about me, kinda like conversation starters lol!
    1. Ok, first up, I'm a gamer girl and am into mostly RPGs. I really love the final fantasy series, FF7 Crisis Core goes down as my favourite, but my number one game is Dark Souls <3
    2. I really, really love Hello Kitty.... No seriously, look at my photos and you are almost guaranteed to find some sort of Hello Kitty related material kicking around
    3. My pet is a psychotic River Murray turtle who is not timid or shy likes her species at all! Her name is Nayora, she is 3 years old and has an attention seeking disorder, I diagnosed it of course, tee hee.
    4. Now this one is my musical interest. I listen to System of a down, Disturbed, Slipknot, Three days Grace, Haelstorm, Flyleaf, and a few others. I don't like whole albums from bands though, just a few select songs from them.
    5. This one is kinda more trauma related and I'm willing to talk more about it over pm if you would like to hear it. I have tremors in my right arm caused by a lot of trauma and self harm to that arm, this is also why I always have my right arm covered or out of frame. Again if you would like to know more feel free to ask as these 5 points are conversation starters as well, but a tldr is: transitioning and what you must sacrifice in order to do so can lead to a lot of self destructive patterns of drug abuse, self harm and even death. If you do, or are, transitioning please be safe!

    So after all of the above I should probably put a bit down as to what actually brings me here. Well for the longest time I've had an interest in age regression, and would love to get to know some people who share some of these similar interests that I have revolving around little's/abdl. It would probably be like a dream come true if I ever met someone who could be there for me as a Mum, hopefully one day!
    My little age is about 2 years old, and I try to incorporate a lot of my littles stuff in my everyday life, like how my room is always set up like a kids room (as quoted by a friend after her first initial response of seeing my room after I gave it a make over, "Oh my god its a playground in here!"; probably due to the ball pit I have lol), I have most of my drinks in sippy cups (I kinda have to as well since I have the tremors and holding cups can be messy), and I wear pull ups all the time (when I'm not broke.... So I guess thats not really all the time huh... eh, close enough!). Main thing I haven't gotten yet are clothes, the ones in the photos are not mine, except for the Elmo and Hello Kitty tops. I would love to own some onesies with the snaps, shortalls like the one I have on in the pics, cute dresses, tops etc, but it's all way too expensive for this little.

    Well Im feeling like im running out of things to say now, so if you would like too get too know me more send me a msg and we'll see where things go from there. I hope I get to know some nice, understanding and genuine people!

    Have a good day/night!
    Wuv Cwaire xxx <3

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    Hello Claire or do you prefer Cwaire?
    welcome to the group and well done for the best introduction i've read in a while. I'm sure you will find lots of things to interest you on the site and hopefully a lot of support as well, have a look through the forums as i'm sure you will find several of interest to you.

    welcome again

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    Welcome Claire!

    I love games *AND* Hello Kitty too! Dark Souls... that's too hard and scary for me though.... *Uguuuuuu~*

    Have you played NieR:Automata yet? I'm just sayin'... there *might* be a big pink hairbow you can equip... ^_^;;;

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    You're in safe, good company here. I also have a serious history with self harm and suicide attempts. My legs look like baseball bats that somebody had whacked on a curb too many times. So I feel that part! But to quote Wooderson from Dazed and Confused, "You just gotta keep on livin', man. L-I-V-I-N!"

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    Thanks PCBaby, I did my best with this introduction thingy, I'm normally not very good at them lol. As for the name I'm easy either way

    AdorableRabbit: I haven't tried NieR: Automata yet, it's caught my interest a few times, but I'm too broke to afford new games. I'll definitely give it a go one day though!

    Tommycombs: Thanks for your kind words! I don't normally open up about that kind of stuff as it's all still very recent to me, but like you said we gotta keep on living

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