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Thread: Questions About Ordering a Dress

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    Quote Originally Posted by babylock1 View Post
    Beware - note the measurements may be in centimeters (CM) - a centimeter is 2.54 inches or for a bloke with a 32 inch waist = 81 cm.
    Don't get confused here - Know how to do conversions !
    Note also the fine print of "there maybe 2-3cms (guess-timate - hidden) measurements "
    When one dress garment is sized the next one may be off and subsequently everyone after that !

    Most items; use the XL measurement and see if the minimum allowance for fitting works XL Asian is like M USA get the idea ?
    For someone who fits a USA XL you should be looking at Asian XXXL at least 2 sizes bigger.
    Also beware of long sleeve garments - dem orient people are short armed - your long sleeve dress will be 2-3 inches shorted at the wrist !

    As for receiving things at a general delivery at USPS UPS or FEDEX Asian goods are less apt to require a signed delivery receipt - Europe is another thing.
    Have something very expensive - customs duties and fees may be involved.

    Lastly ABSOLUTED GET THE SIZE RIGHT - if it is not and it is your fault - mailing (shipping) the item back is going to be prohibited in COST.
    Alternative think about keeping the item and have alterations done to make it fit !
    Generally the item is made at a slave labor factory paying less than nothing to make and if an error is made the seller can easily afford to ship
    a correct sized replacement at the shippers expense. Don't give an inch if it not your fault ! Buying on Ebay you may have buyer protection
    and the weapon of Feedback to make the situation right and in your favor for a refund or replacement ! Look up the seller satisfaction (Feedback) to see
    if this is the place you want to buy that oh so cute dress or other fantasy item !
    Even if you are buying a SISSY item you don't have to be a sissy in making
    the transaction !

    Good Luck and may a pleasant fitting be with you !
    Thankies so much for the advice. The size chart gives measurements for each size in both inches and centimeters, and I'm going with a 2XL instead of an XL to make sure it fits. *giggles in excitement*

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