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Thread: Buying plastic nappies/diapers in UK

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    Default Buying plastic nappies/diapers in UK

    I know that there are many sellers in the UK online and that there is many sellers on ebay but in terms of buying plastic backed nappies for a decent price discreetly I dont know any way of doing this other than ebay and choosing click and collect at argos etc. I wish I could just buy online but I cant have delivery to the house. On ebay the sellers are charging silly money for plastic Tenas (my favourite) and the cheaper option is mostly ID which I quite like as they fit/feel nice and are cheap. But I would really like it if I could just show up at a retailer and buy quality PE backed nappies without the hassle of trying to buy on ebay and hope no one sees my purchase history thru paypal or ebay, I am paranoid that any purchase I make can be discovered. Maybe Im missing something ? But wherever I go like a city centre I honestly cant find any stores selling anything other than pull up type products... like boots or superdrug. If my wife looked at a credit card statement etc then Im sure she wouldnt 'get it' and cash would be so much 'safer' at least until I somehow manage to make her understand my need. Anyway any tips appreciated regarding buying in person much appreciated

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    Just come clean with the wife, if you don't and you endup getting busted (which you will, women are smart like that) all hell will break loose, and it might not be just the nappies, she'll be wondering whatelse you've been getting upto behind her back.
    Try a healthcare/mobility shop, the sort that sell items for the disabled, for the nappies, if you are lucky they might have something like id slip PE, otherwise they'll nodoubt have some clothbacked failures.

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    I agree, hiding things often will get you in more trouble then honesty.

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    With 4 kids the 'coming clean' thing could be a marriage ender to be honest and the stress would be unbearable. My IBS could almost justify it but then just giving up on dietary fixes would seem like i actually want to give up Cut a long story short it will take time and many coversations hinting towards wearing as a solution and i dont see a green light ever happening. Its either deny the wish to wear and live without it or give up everything else in my life ....

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    Well like I said, to answer your question most mobility type shops either stock or can order in on request something from their suppliers product range, what area of the UK are you in?

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    Hi Fireblader1974,

    I kind of understand your situation, I know there are a couple of online shops that can do click+collect but unless you live nearby it could be a long drive. Boots do there Staydry slips which you can get in store these are in most of there stores, you can also Click + collect there as well and you can also search to see if they have that product in store, I'm 90% sure the boots ones are plastic backed

    Boots Staydry Slip One Size -
    Boots Staydry Slip M/L -
    Boots Staydry Slip XL -

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    There is a shop 15 Mins walk from Glasgow city centre that stocks some AgeUK maxi, not PE backed but fairly decent, also one in Falkrik that has some brands that I forget.

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    Or might have office close to you, that in combination with one of them creditcards (forget exactly names of them) but basically you prepay cash onto them, then spend, might work.

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    Can't you get stuff from Amazon using Click & Collect or Collect+...?

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    Yes I can click & collect and delete my browser history and try to make sure the card statement gets binned and hope im not logged in and someone sees my feedback or an email regards order details. I was in the car one day and the phone flashed with a notice that an item was dispached which someone seen Its things like that Id far rather not worry anout an online digital trail leading to nappy purchases i end up having to explain. As it is whatever nappies i do have I stash in the garage where they couldnt be found and ill use them in the random occasions that crop up and thats the way it will stay. If i am to be discovered which would be fine by me if tolerated (wouldnt be) then its likely to be from a slip up with online security like feedback left or a paypal transaction seen

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