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Thread: Greetings from a ABDL Norway

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    Smile Greetings from a ABDL Norway

    About Me
    Hi. Im a 1970 born man being incontinent since about 2008 due to nerve damage.

    I have been through all kinds of testing, which is really tiring, but the conclusion was that since it is a nerve damage it is little I can do. I have a Urge incontinence and some leaks in between.

    In the start it was hard. Was away from work and generally felt really bad. Tried urisheath which helped me to go back to work. But I found it to be very institutional and was fiddly. It was painful if the hose got a bend, and that in effect also caused some leakes. In addition during the night the setup was far from optimal.

    After a year I started using diapers at night, that worked much better, but I still struggled with the shame and self acceptance. I later also changed to using diapers during they day as they arte more convenient.

    I have come to accept and actually enjoy diapers. I just had a acceptance that this is the way it is and that this will have minimal impact on my life. And it has. My travel bag are a little larger, but I really have no problem with this.

    And for the enjoyment that comes after acceptance Im now sure that I will be in diapers for the rest of my life. I really enjoy it, but I hate leaks. In the 7 years I never had anyone notice my diapers or urisheath (before I switched to diapers).

    A have also started to play with my AB side which have gotten stronger and stronger with time. I really would like to play together with another toddler, dressing up appropriately, playing with Lego, playing with cars, coloring etc.

    I love diapers that are not to institutional, especially for night. That means fun diapers with prints.

    - GomDLove

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    Hello GomDLove,
    welcome to the group, there is a specific forum for those of us who are incontinent which you might like to look at. Apart from your use of nappies/diapers what hobbies or interests do you have? Have you know returned to work and what is it you do and do you have a partner or wife and if so are they supportive of you. The more you let members know of your interests other than ab/dl, the more likely you are to get replies to questions, make friends etc. I hope you find Adisc both supportive and useful.

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    Cool, I will check out those groups.

    Yes. I have been fulltime back to work since late 2008. I really have no "disability" that affects my work, travelling etc. It was mostly the acceptance that helped.

    For hobbies I spend a lot of time with my family (wife and kid), computers, music, movies etc. And I also get some little play, also with my wife/mommy time wich is very nice :-)

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    Hi, thanks for the reply, until she became too ill my wife would also sometimes act the part of my mummy so i know what you mean about it being nice.

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    Lego has always been awesome, i can still remember the thrill when they introduced their first clear bricks with peanut bulbs in them that you ran from an old fashioned flat terminal battery which was about 55 years ago. And my ab little boy just bought me a star wars tie fighter to build, although these days i'm more into technics.

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    Yes. I LOVE Lego. And colouring

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