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    Hi all! I'm popping my thread cherry and reaching-out to the community for information. I'm in the process of buying a house for myself (2 bed/1bath), and I'm thinking I would like a nursery in the second bedroom. I'm not sure where to begin with furniture. So far I can find a playpen, but I'm looking for a crib, changing table, and high chair. Does anyone know where I can find one for a reasonable price, or how I can construct such items on my own?

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    How heavy are you? Is suspect that some of the better baby cribs can actually hold an adult. The less expensive ones could probably hold an adult if you add extra support under the springs (with some 2x4's or strong wooden boxes).

    How tall are you? This is where baby cribs may not be the best bet, they are simply too short for an adult to lay in.

    Buying an adult-sized crib is generally on the expensive side and you may have trouble finding someone to make one for you at a reasonable price.

    That leaves making a pseudo-crib. For instance, you could use some stair rail pieces, fence pieces or even tubing (either metal or PVC) to create a barrier around a twin mattress.

    Changing Table

    What is a changing table? Basically it is just a table with certain designs. I would just look at what is available in furniture shops or departments (and thrift stores) to see if there is something you like.


    This may be the hardest to get as the baby ones are too small or would not hold your weight and having someone make one can be expensive. But again, the best may be to make something for a TV tray and chair.

    One other thing. How long have you been doing ABDL related things? I ask because if you haven't been doing it for long, you may want to make do with a number of 'good enough' items instead of real items in case you decide this isn't for you.

    Finally, I can't think of any places that make this stuff off the top of my head (I will probably think of something as soon as I click 'Post'.)

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    Thanks for the responses. I live in Connecticut. I am 5'10, and 160 lbs, so on the smaller side. Thanks for asking because I need to consider what is going to work best for me. I'm thinking designing/making them might work best, but I am quite a novice as far as woodworking/crafting. I'm thinking I may try a pseudo-crib, design a high-chair, and find a dresser or serach thrift-shops for something that would work, as suggested. I've been AB for quite some time now. I'm 33, and have been really involved since I was able to earn a paycheck and buy diapers, pjs, and toys regularly.

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    There is a great method for creating your own crib, and will cost around 300 bucks..

    purchase yourself a second hand Mid Sleeper, and turn it upside down, using the legs as the frame, you can build up around it to make a crib. this is what i did, you can see the result on my youtube channel

    i will also be looking to make another one, for video, and depending on how my relationship goes with my partner, giving mine away, as i wont be able to take it with me.. So keep your eyes open


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