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Thread: Staying in a Hotel

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    Hello Everyone

    Next weekend i am planning to travel to a hotel and stay there 2 Nights.
    So far i've been thinking of things to do there.

    It's a hotel maybe 1 km outside of the city and the city has alot of stores and Restauraunts.

    The things i'm most likely going to are:

    Eating at a restauraunt while diapered.
    Changing at a public toilet.
    Simply walking around in the diaper in public.
    Pack a suitcase that will be 50% ABDL Stuff and 50% "Normal" things

    These are the things i'm going for so far, but i'm lacking ideas,
    So what i'm hoping for is some Tips from this website on what to do there!
    Feel free to give me ideas.

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    I find it's the little things like unpacking your diapers into the hotel draws and I guess having the any other ABDL clothing hanging in the wardrobe that make it feel special.

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    Great idea!
    I dont think i'll let my diaper supplies be very openly in the hotel room if someone will clean it, however it would be a little exciting to leave the room very openly and come back to things being folded and cleaned

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    I regularly bring my diapers and baby things with me on business trips. The thrill of being freely diapered and engage in my ABDL desires outside my home, which is hard to do at home, is very thrilling and comforting. I particularly enjoy being able to be extra padded and perhaps more babyish.

    I don't think it is appropriate to be blatantly leaving diapers and other things out in the open, but placing supplies in drawers and hanging baby or sissy clothes on hangers in the closet is fine. It also important to properly dispose of any used diapers and not be disrespectful. Aside from that, have fun.

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    Yup, what you're wanting to do is nothing for an inconinent person. It's just normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andru360 View Post
    So what i'm hoping for is some Tips from this website on what to do there!
    Feel free to give me ideas.
    Worry more about having a good time on the trip and less about what you are or aren't wearing under your pants. If you have them on let them make the trip more convienient to have a good time, if there not, then just worry more about having a good trip and not having accidents.

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    I always take out my plastic underpants and disposables and training underwear and put them in the drawer. Sometimes I may put my tee shirts over them but if the drawer is not deep enough,usually I do not. There have been a few times I noticed the drawer was opened (I have left my sleep top out on the bed and in order for the maids to make the bed they pulled open the drawer to put it away and laid it on top. I feel now if they see my protection they know I have it for a reason and the fact I place a protective plastic bed cover on every hotel bed I sleep on ( which they must notice) probably makes them feel glad I take the extra steps so they do not have to.

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    I don't travel and stay in hotels as much as I used to before I retired, but I still do it a few times a year. When I'm staying in a hotel, I never ask the management to put a waterproof cover on the mattress or make any other special preparations for my visit. When in bed, I wear the highest capacity diaper available. In the last couple of years that has been either a ComfiDry 24/7 or a Rearz Inspire +. When wearing a high-capacity diaper, I rarely leak at all during the night. However, to be extra safe, I also take one of the hotel's fluffiest bath towels and place it under my hips while I'm sleeping. In the morning, I roll the diaper up and use its tapes to make compact package that I put in the bathroom wastebasket. If I'm staying several days, I unpack my clothes and put them away in the closet, with my unused diapers stacked on the shelf in the closet. I have been following these practices for the past 40 years or so and have never had any problems whatever with the cleaning staff or the hotel management.

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    The few times I have worn in hotel rooms, I have always brought extra empty store shopping bags. I'll often make a 7-11 run to get some bottled water and always ask them to double bag it. Now I have a discreet and sanitary way to get rid of the used ones. I will usually then just take the bag out the day and dispose of it at one of outdoor hotel garbage cans on my way to breakfast. Not that they really care, but the less hotel staff see, the more comfortable I am in the room. That is just me as I often talk with them to get information if not familiar with the area. I just like my diaper stuff private when out and about.
    I too have put a towel under me for those just in case situations, especially if I was wearing and had wet it several times before going to bed.only once did the towel have a light spot.

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    I travel lots. Sometime for more than a week. Order nappies to be delivered to hotel when more than 4 days. Always leave wet nappies in the rubbish in the bathroom bagged. Tip the cleaning lady. Usually leave packet of nappies on the bathroom floor. Hang up plastic pants in the shower. Never had a problem and let me tell ya ive stayed in hotels in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and home country Australian and not once has it been a problem.

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