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Thread: I just "give up"

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    Default I just "give up"

    I just wanna crawl up into a ball and cry. It's like every solution to a problem is the same, I just can't comprehend it.

    Everything seems so dull and hopeless, what's the real point in bothering with anything.

    On the bright side pizza is life, pizza is love.

    Having a disability makes everything so much harder

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    I know that in the states, we have multiple programs for at risk youth or young twenty somethings that do not have an abundance of options, such as Americorp or jobcorp.

    I don't know if AUS has an equivalent, but it is worth looking into.

    If you can want, you can attempt.
    If you can breath, you can think.

    I know that you have posted many times of starting a degree program, of stopping a degree program, of spending money on caffeine pills and luxuries as well as constantly being hounded for money, at one point possibly being looked into for fraud over some student loans.

    I suspect part of the issue that user's are having in providing suggestions to help you find direction in improving your lot in life, is that most of the advice is coming from individuals who do not live in Aus, nor have even visited. it's clear that giving you advice as if you were an american is not going to stamp the ticket.

    Its true that you have many forces arrayed opposed to you, for starters it sounds as if your parents do not trust you, and moved you into the house (don't know if you are still there), are consistently attempting to squeeze money out of you, as well as consistently informing you that you do not achieve or pursue anything with your time ((I.E. they said you sleep all day and do nothing))

    you have children who regularly will lie to your parents about your behavior, incriminating you to them, as well as unsafe handling of objects.

    You obviously seem to have an income of sort, I dont know your current monetary situation, however, as an outsider looking in, I would advocate you begin to cut back on your drug intake (caffeine addiction), as well as your spending on superfluous items such as computer parts or other toys.

    save the money.

    If you are not able to get into a government sponsored job program, which would be available in america, my next suggestion is to save up at least $2000 Aus , at least, for your own well being, and to fall back on. I realize that you have parents who consistently attempt and succeed into threatening you into giving them money, however it is also apparent that you do have SOME cash left over.

    Tighten the belt, start saving up for wherever you want your life to go at this point.

    one last piece of advice, if you do begin another program, at some time. dont start it unless your sure that your not going to give up on it. don't throw your cash away in that way. take some of starrunner's advice and contact the help lines he has offered 25+ times.

    these are professionals working in these help clinics, professionals who have dealt with cases perhaps even more extreme then yours, successfully.

    I wish you were able to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
    You do deserve happiness, and your future is in your hands.
    You do have control over where your life leads. you can make a positive impact on that path.

    Life is too short, the world too interesting, to spend it shut up in a shed, dealing with the daily stresses that you do.


    SIDE NOTE: Yes I love pizza too, My favorite is this stuffed crust cheese pizza with a salted pretzel crust cooked an extra half rotation at pizza hut. but I like cooking my own pizzas and making my own dough as well.

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    Whoa... Did I miss something here? Was the OP post changed?

    I'm kinda confused. Unless there are an array of other posts elsewhere, where did the comments about drug intake (caffiene??) come from? Comments about parents not trusting the OP, children lying to parents, forces arrayed against you, etc... come from???

    I am thinking that the OP must have changed their post, but the things that M&M is talking about either is from their other conversations with the OP or their other posts, but as the thread now stands, it has absolutely nothing to do about nothing unless there is more to the story.

    Please forgive me for seeming critical, but as I came across this thread and the multiple reputation points given to the only other poster in the thread, I am confused as the comments given are about things that seem to have nothing to do about what the OP shared here... at least not as the OP post in the thread now stands. The advice that was given in the response certainly is good advice and I appreciate the insights given, but I just don't get how it is attached to this post and thread as it presently shown.

    Even though I don't understand the connection, I think the advice given is good. I certainly second all that was shared by the response. It certainly shows concern and compassion. I just kind of don't understand how it ties to this thread and the original post.

    Having said that and turning towards the original post and what the OP has stated, I offer more than anything... lots of hugs.

    From what you shared, it seems you are going through some extremely hard times and I appreciate your sharing here on ADISC.

    Binary, I hope you may understand that there are many folks here who are your friends. Even though you may not have met them in person, many have gone through things that you might be going through, and you are not alone. It may not seem that makes things any better, but when I discovered I was not the only person who might have gone through or is going through the struggles that I have had, it made a huge difference. Then when I realize that others cared about me, even though they didn't really even know who I am, but they expressed appreciation for me as an individual and let me know I was not alone in not just being ABDL, but in other aspects of my life, it really helped.

    Binary, I hope that you may know that there are many others who care about you and you are not alone. You have many things in your life that if you could look from a higher level and back at yourself you would understand just how great of a person that you are, despite things not going your way right now.

    I hope that you might find the solace you are seeking.

    It isn't about caffeine or pizza. It is about recognizing who you are and understanding that no matter the difficulties you might face, there is so much that you have to offer and so much that you have to gain from others. When I have at times been in your situation and said, "Whats the sense in bothering with anything?", my refuge has been found in seeing myself from an airplane, looking down from 35,000 feet and realizing just how many opportunities and experiences there are out there than just in the small world I am now living in. I picture myself in the towns down there, doing something totally different than I might be doing now. Realizing my world that often I am caught up in is microscopic compared to what the full nature of reality is.

    Again offers hugs...

    Binary, I wish you the best. As you wake in the morning, I hope that you might look at the sunrise and realize it is a new day and there are new possibilities out there.

    Offers you some Pizza Hut pizza.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Binary View Post
    I just wanna crawl up into a ball and cry. It's like every solution to a problem is the same, I just can't comprehend it.

    Everything seems so dull and hopeless, what's the real point in bothering with anything.

    On the bright side pizza is life, pizza is love.

    Having a disability makes everything so much harder
    Binary, I wish I could think of something to say that I haven't already said, but the truth of the matter is: You need to get help. Just looking back through your recent posts and removed blogs, there has been a vicious pattern of depression, suicidal ideation, problems in the home, symptoms of phsical illnesses, and likely some form of mental illness such as bipolar disorder which has not been diagnosed.

    As I've responded in the past, depression shuts down our ability to communicate and it prevents us from seeing options to solve our problems. This happens because the thoughts of suicide just overtake our rational thought process and pevent us from seeing solutions. When there are so many problems coming at us all at once, it can become overwhelming, so yes, the impulse is to crawl up into a ball and cry. This is where counselling can be so important: to help you sift through your problems, determine some viable options, and to provide assistance in making good decisions for your future. And medication may be required if a professional determines there are clinical reasons for your depression, but it will be better than living with these constant feelings of depression and suicidal ideation.

    Depression is an illness and it requires treatment. There is no shame in it and nor is there anything to fear in seeking treatment. If you had cancer you would go for treatmemt, if you had an infection you would take antibiotics, so if you have depression and want to get well, then you need to take the first steps to seeing a doctor. The truth is, you can't get better without treatment. The proof of that is in the history of your posts. Help is avaialable. It's up to you to reach out for it.

    The best way to deal with depression is to take it one step at a time. Perhaps there are things in your life that need to improve right now and you don't know how to handle it. That's understandable. But it's your health that needs to improve right now so that you can get better, build some support with people you can trust and who can help you with all those other things going on in your life. It's okay to take some time to focus on your health as a priority. Everything else can wait. Find a doctor you can trust who will take the time to listen, get yourself checked out to determine the causes of your depression, and get a referral to a specialist.

    Australia also has a fair amount of resources that can help you deal with concrete, practical issues like employment counsellors, debt advisers, and housing advocates. A local helpline should be able to help connect you to whatever resources are available in your community. But the first step should be to contact your doctor so you can identify the causes of the illness, develop a plan for treatment and make referrals to the available resources.

    As I've always said about depression,, we have good days and we have bad days. The important thing is to use those good days to develop a plan and strategy on how to get through the bad days. It took a lot of work, but I am glad I am still here today.

    Below is my list for helplines and online crisis intervention resources that serve Australia. I hope you will consider reaching out to someone as soon as possible. You need more help than we can give here. The good news is that there is real help available.

    With love and hope...


    Australia hotline number- Life Line 13 11 44

    List of local helplines in Australia-





    International Association for Suicide Prevention

    To Write Love On Her Arms

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