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    This is embarrassing for me. But when I go to diaper myself I get excited and it makes it very hard to get a good fit. It doesn't happen when I don't use cream or powder. Any advice would be so grateful

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    Well umm... No other way to say this than like this... Rub one out before diapering up. It happens to me a lot too.

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    That, and wear more often. The problem is you've begun to associate diapering up with sexual stimulation.

    Masturbate before diapering up, and resist mastrubating after you have as well. Also wear more often so the experience wont be so...anticipated every time. Eventually that direct sexual association will be shifted away from the diapering up itself.

    Or alternatively, go with the flow and let it happen. There is nothing wrong with including sexual stimulation with your loving diapers. Trying to avoid it is like trying to avoid sex any time you feel a loving connection with a partner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alltimefun View Post
    It doesn't happen when I don't use cream or powder.

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    well.. stop using powder or cream? .. or diaper yourself up and then shake powder into your diaper (my preferred method anyway as powdering before taping always runs the risk of destroying the stickiness of the tapes)

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