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    Default Big News for Me!!

    So I just decided to check an old cabinet and found a single Goodnites I bought a few years ago. They did not fit back then but I lost some weight so I decided might as well grab it and see if it fits. To my shock and surprise it did!! Does not fit the greatest and I am still working on losing weight, but they actually fit and if I stretch them out some they will not leak out the side!!!

    PS this is really big for me and makes me super happy, I have been trying to find a good pull-up for day (thinking of wearing to work). Depends suck and are too big, but Goodnites were too small. Along with any other pull-up I found. Needless to say I am beyond happy.

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    Have you tried like some youth sized medical diaper or small? They might give you a better fit with a bit better absorbency

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    I'm told northshore makes a decent adult pullup. Have you tried them?

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