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Thread: Forced messing

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    I know this has been asked probably many times, but I want to know what it's like to be forced to mess, by means of Enema, or Suppository, and if so, what would be a most sensible way to do so? I've heard of people putting bananas and marshmallows up the bum, but I would rather use the more common method of enema or suppository. I know many people use them but does anyone have a recommendation on how to do so? I would greatly appreciate it!

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    You don't say if you want to mess in or out of a diaper which will effect your choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamila View Post
    You don't say if you want to mess in or out of a diaper which will effect your choice.
    In a diaper

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    Most sensible, NOT IN PUBLIC keep it at home, don't force that kink on the public

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLMelissa View Post
    In a diaper
    Okay...forget an enema then unless you do it outside with a hose handy!

    Suppositories would be your best bet. Start with just one and see if that does it for you. I wouldn't put anything organic up there though, and be aware that HEAPS of adventurous people have ended up having to go to an ED to an stuck object removed. I would also reduce your fat intake a few days before and ramp up the fibre for best results.

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    suppositories, enemas are for mainly to clean your colon

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    The most effective would be the liquid suppositories. Regular ones work also and are cheaper. Enema discharges aren't absorbed very well by diapers.

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    or you can go for best of both wold fill an enema bag with laxative and let you bottom absorb it (may take a bit longer)

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    When I needed to use suppositories, I used Dulcolax bisacodyl suppositories. Those will take you from light sensation to absolute urgency in about an hour tops.

    It's much like needing to go to the toilet really badly (because it's an irritant it feels vaguely like you've been eating mild chili for a couple of days). You do eventually need to devote more and more of your concentration and strength to not filling your diapers. I never got to a point where it actually overrode all my concentration and strength - I tried holding one for as long as I could and I think ultimately it topped out about 50 minutes and stayed that intense until I voided.

    However, the urgency does eventually get so bad that if you stop giving it 100% of your concentration, or 100% of your muscular strength, you void. I had multiple occasions where struggling with a jammed cubicle door, or speeding up my walk slightly, led to relatively involuntarily filling my diapers. With the time I mentioned above where I waited for the intensity of the suppository to top out, I'd decided that if I made it to one hour without filling my diapers, I would get out of my diapers and use the toilet. I thought the intensity of the sensation was fading, but just getting off my bed diverted enough effort from holding that I involuntarily filled my diapers pretty heavily (and ended up just saying 'screw it' and sleeping in them instead of dealing with a messy diaper right then and there).

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