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Thread: "RompHim" romper suits for men :)

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    Default "RompHim" romper suits for men :)

    Have you guys seen this kickstarter?

    Someone is trying to start a new trend, can't imagine ABDLs will be complaining! Especially if they end up with a snap crotch! Lol. My Facebook is blowing up all over the place with conversation on these, and at least it's playful by and large. Maybe a good sign for us.

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    There was a small item about this Romphim on Dutch TV

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    I like that they look more like a toddler romper than the rompers you can find for women, which are way too feminine and don't look babyish at all. If I could find something like this on a store shelf at a reasonable price I'd probably bite. A snap crotch would be a neat feature to have, I figure it could be used for potty breaks even for those not diapered.

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    I think these are so adorable and I'm glad that they're "a thing" now. I'm loving the romper memes I'm seeing on my Facebook. Only issue I have is that they're going to be expensive as hell ($119 a pop)

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    Get some normal work coveralls and shorten the sleeves and pant legs! Ugh, that would look like some hideous 1970's leisure suit atrocity!

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    My wife showed me this from her Facebook account. I told her they should have been wearing diapers under their rompers as they were missing all the fun.

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    I love it. I have pre-ordered :-) And yes. I need to make measurement WITH diapers as that would be twice the fun :-)

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    these are awesome! they should do some with no fly!

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    Well, this got a HELL of a lot more attention last night - they were featured on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update segment!!! Starts at 0:22:

    SNL Weekend Update May 20th

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