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Thread: Going back

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    Smile Going back

    If so many of you can do it - I can too

    So I’ve gone back to being a child today

    No more adult television, current affairs, and the news…

    that causes me worry and stress.

    No more wearing adult clothes at home…

    when a pair of frilly socks, a diaper, and a pink top will do.

    No more following politics and surfing the Net…

    when colouring books and a train set will reduce my stress instead.

    I’m sorry mummy but I can’t play the adult game

    So I’ve gone back to being a child today

    jami ('little')

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    Default getting started

    I've just ordered a kids play rug for my living room floor to watch TV and play with my toys on, and there are now just two channels on my TV: ABC for Kids and a pre-teen channel. Now I'm going out to buy some colouring-in books and kids toys to get me started on my new life as a child.
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    I'd like an entire "little" day. This week has become way too busy. Sometimes I go "little" on Saturdays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I'd like an entire "little" day. This week has become way too busy. Sometimes I go "little" on Saturdays.
    Given how difficult living in an adult world is for us 'special' people I think we should all have at least one full little day every week. I hope you manage to get one soon dogboy

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    Congrats jamila, I've also done the same, my bedroom is entirely little, I wear 24/7 and I stopped watching soaps, the news and only watch things suitable for children now

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    Thanks Angelic. (EDIT: please forgive me for spelling your name wrong) I feel so much better already having made the decision to give up and go 'little' permanently when I'm home which is most of the time. later tonight I'm going to delete all of the adult bookmarks on my iMac and just have child and ABDL appropriate, and shopping sites bookmarked. I'm in the process of converting to 24/7 which I usually am for wetting but now I'm just going to give in and try to make my toilet redundant. I don't know how I will go with that because I hate the cleanups and doing that every day would be tough (a good reason to eat much less though) I've started throwing out the adult stuff in the house that isn't essential and by the end of the week the bedroom will have nothing adult in it so I can start converting it to a child's room. I bought pink flannelette sheets for the bed today and I'm looking for a cute purple kids Doona cover tomorrow. I'm putting a mobile over the bed so that when I wake up in the morning and have my first bottle of the day I can look at that while I drink my milk.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well it's 7PM here and there are no more kids shows on the TV so that is my TV watching over for the day. I will do my Dress Up Doll Kit and do some colouring-in until bedtime which I think had better become 8 PM. No more sleeping in now it's Winter down under!?

    Wow, my life is really going to change living as a child... I'm really excited too. I think I had better buy some Lego sets tomorrow.
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    Good luck jamila, hope the joy of being a child is there every day.

    Btw, you shouldn't eat less just to suit ABDL, that way it would be unhealthy. Just eat what you would normally. You can always get bigger diapers and clothes if you need to but also don't overeat or just eat baby food

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    I don't regress, but still had to get rid of watching live tv and following politics. It's all just too sensationalized for ratings. Getting rid of that calms littles and adults alike.

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    I don't watch the news anymore. My therapist asked me why I did if it bothers me so much. I told him that's just what adults do. I never really thought about why, other than to stay informed but nowadays it is mostly (as stated) sensationalized stuff. It used to be they'd report on dramatic stories. Now everybody has cameras so we're seeing more dramatic footage. I don't need extra drama in my life. I'm good at finding plenty of it.

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    I have tomorrow off so I can have a little day and play with my toys and drink from a bottle. My boyfriend gets me sippy cups because I can't drink from a regular cup because I can't grip good. I'm home from work now and bought new toys and bottles.

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