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    I had castor oil for the firsttime last night it didnt taste terrible and the texture was weird. But here I am abouts 10 hours later and a sleep and still nothing. Do I need to possibly need to get rid of the hard Stool in my bowel first? I also did have more than a few teaspoons.

    So I dunno wether this post goes here so if not tell me
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    Castor oil isn't going to hurt you unless you drink the whole bottle over many hours.

    It is possible an existing blockage has already stopped thing up for you. Trying to help things along after tye fact won't help as much as you'd think. If that's the case, then I'd recommend an over the counter enema. Try not to use them too often though as you may become dependent on them.

    Also, if you are blocked and have loose stool after that, then be ready for the flood gates to be opened once you clear that blockage.

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    If there is a blockage that won't move, you may find yourself with loose watery stools that come on suddenly and are hard to control. I have that problem; the soft stool leaks around the hard stool that's blocking the intestine. Stool softeners, mineral oil, enemas or laxatives should help clear it.

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    And maybe go do some intense exercising too. That always seems to work things loose for me.

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    If you think you may have a blockage, a traditional enema bag will help do the trick.

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    Thanks guys, as it turns out it took a little longer to hit than expected. I must say castor oil is a "unique" experience. It just keeps on coming and next time I'll have lots of food and fibre and all that before I have another go.

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