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Thread: Guys wearing Pink Diapers

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    Default Guys wearing Pink Diapers

    I just changed out of my first DC Amor Diaper and I was wondering what is everyone's opinions on guys wearing pink diapers that don't consider themselves in the sissy category? I order them along with a pack of the new DC Idyls and absolutely love both of them. I can say this about them, if you're the type that is trying to keep your diaper wearing a secret when you're around others, these diapers are not the ones for you. They are more for a private setting unless you really don't mind the crinkle, because they are really loud. How does the saying go? "Real men wear pink!"[
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    Well, I have a pink pocket diaper and I wear it in rotation with 9 or 10 of different colors.

    I probably wouldn't wear it outside for everyone to see, but wearing it inside doesn't make me feel more of a 'sissy' than the other colors do.

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    I'm gay so I wear pink anyway.

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    I think colors are just colors and yes while there is a feminine connotation to pink I think we all can wear whatever color we want.

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    Oh goodie, more crotch-shots.

    ...moving on...

    It was not that long ago pink was a man's colour. I see no problem here...

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    FWIW, a DC Amore Kitten is basically a bambino (say a Teddy for example) but with a different shell art and a lower price tag. So yeah, the penny pincher in me does see a compelling reason to buy Kittens. It's not like anyone's going to be seeing me wear it anyway. I'm already wearing a diaper for gods sake, I don't think it makes sense to get any more worried about being discovered wearing a pink diaper than that already is?

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    I don't consider myself a sissy but I would totally wear that diaper just because it's cute.
    At the moment I got the pinkish girl goodnities in my stash, because I liked the look of them more than the boy version.

    But I only wear in private so I don't care how it looks or crinkles.

    I'd say wear whatever diapers you feel like and don't worry if it's "unmanly"

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    i actually think masculine men in pink even to the point of frilly diapers and plastic panties very attractive. also, if you are into age play (i am not big into it, but from time to time) we really do not start to understand gender until 5 or 6 anyway, and even that understanding is pretty limited.

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    I like pink, and for a long time pink was considered a masculine colour.

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    Wears the Pink DC Amor about 75 percent of the time now the X-Plus is still my go to diaper but I do love the comfort and absorbency of the DC Amor Diaper . Also have pink shirts and a Charles River Pink & White Nylon Pullover Anorak Jacket too.

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