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Thread: Yet another long-time lurker coming out of the woodwork

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    Default Yet another long-time lurker coming out of the woodwork

    Hi, not too good at these things, but I'll try my best. You can call me Shard. I've been lurking around these boards for a while now, and I thought it was time I finally introduced myself. You cannot imagine how excited I was when I found forums and websites like this, and realised I wasn't the only one - well, actually you almost certainly can! I've always been a bit of an introvert (unless I'm surrounded by friends in a comfy environment, then I'm outright loud and crazy!) and a loner, who never really got "people" - VERY socially awkward. Also the youngest of three, so I was always the baby of the family. I've been an adult for a while, but still don't really feel like I am one, and frankly don't know if I ever will - the idea of having my own place, full time job, paying bills, etc, doesn't seem real to me. Doesn't help that I'm still coddled to this day, which is great, but not that helpful in teaching me to "adult". Is anyone else the same - torn between wanting to be coddled and have things done for them, and wanting to be made to look after themselves so that they can be more confident with being the adult they know they'll have to eventually be?

    Between that and a childhood of bullying, all I've ever wanted is to be able do it all over - a second chance and an escape from the present. Like a lot of people here, I just absolutely crave to be taken care of. In the meantime, being seen as the "baby" of the family works out great for me - my bed is overflowing with stuffed toys and blankies (even Mum calls them that!), which I constantly add to, and no one cares. My winter PJ's are all awesome-sauce onesies, and my generation is kinda known for their love of their childhood books and tv shows, so I can indulge as much as I want without it being considered odd! And I have sites like this to explore and learn from, which is brilliant.

    So, about myself. Big science nut, particularly wildlife biology - actually writing a research paper for a journal, in between melting at the photos of the cute animals I studied. Massive nerd AND geek (there is a difference!); I spend way too much time looking at Doctor Who gifs on Pinterest and reading impossible mysteries or playing puzzle games. I love anything that turns your entire perception of reality on its head, and forces you to look at things in a completely different way - partly because the expressions on other peoples faces end up being HILARIOUS. Also love a bit of gardening, baking (well, cake decorating mostly), gaming, and creating. Music is my life, performing - acting and singing - is my joy, and I like to spend months re-creating Broadway costumes and creating crazy props and decorations for massive themed costume parties. Oh, and don't get between me and my British classic comedy or panel shows - if you don't love Blackadder, or can't quote Big Fat Quiz to me, forget it.

    I'm basically hoping to just explore this world a little more, maybe come out of my turtle-shell for a bit and join in with the rest of "my people", so to speak. I've been taking home made baby things and adapting them to my size, so it'll be fun to share once I've got those going a bit more - home made onesie, plus knitted frog and bumble bee booties! And maybe I'll pick up a few tips and tricks too. And maybe learn to ramble on a little less while I'm at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shard View Post
    Hi, not too good at these things, but I'll try my best. You can call me Shard...
    Hi Shard, welcome to the community! and don't worry, this is a great introduction post!

    Yeah, I think we all remember how good that "I'm not alone" feeling was, contact with other ABDLs is SO important for feeling and being healthy about this. The good new is you sound a lot like the typical ADISC member in your other interests and personality as well - socially awkward nerds and geeks who like science and doctor who covers a big part of the ABDL population it seems - so I'm sure you'll fit in well here ;-)

    You say you're writing a paper on wildlife biology for a journal - are you a professional biologist / ecologist then? or hoping to make that your career? I noticed from your profile that you're Australian, you really do have wildlife worth studying.

    Look forward to seeing your frog and bumble bee booties, they really do sound adorable!

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    Glad to hear.
    Hoping to make it my career, the paper I'm writing is the research I did for my Honours thesis - got to study baby bats. *squee* Definitely have some gorgeous creatures down here, and given they're mostly endangered you'd think wildlife conservation and ecology careers would be in abundance. Nope. Hrmph.

    I'll show you the inspiration picture, basically found knitting patterns for adult sized knitted slippers, and made me-sized versions of these:

    I have a whole secret Pinterest board filled with all the baby things I want to own or have adult versions of, with patterns to make them. Even have inspiration for my dream nursery - can't decide between Snoopy or woodland/animals. I honestly don't get how people can so easily decide on a nursery design, there's so many lovely choices, how do you commit to just one?

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