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Thread: AB things to do with girlfriend?

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    Cool AB things to do with girlfriend?

    What's up peeps? Just wanted a little input here as I'm kind of stumped. I've been dating an awesome girl for a couple years and not long before we started dating I told her of my ABDL tendencies and she accepted them. she's been really cool about the whole thing and after 6 months of dating even got me a sleeper with a butt flap!!! Anyways not long ago she started changing me when I saw her (LDR). Usually only once a night and I usually gave her a massage afterwards as thanks. I feel like she's ready to take on a mommy role so long as we start slow and I would definitely love to. However that got me thinking, I don't really know what all that entails!! I've considered asking to watch some old childhood cartoons like Little Bear and Blues Clues which shes cool with, or maybe a bottle feeding; but other than that I'm having trouble thinking of ideas which is kinda odd.

    What would you guys do with your SO in a little/parent relationship?! I'm curious to hear your guys' input and looking forward to some interesting answers!!

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    My advise for you is to her her to join a littles caregiver online group and let her explore the options or consider a event. I would say teddycon but they are sold out this year so maybe next you can go. But deff let her find a online or local group if you lucky so she can ask questions to if she's ready for it

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    That's great that your gf is accepting of of your ABDL tendencies. Super jealous that she got you a sleeper!! It's also good that you are starting slow. It's important for both of you to know what works, and what might be too much. The most important thing you mentioned is reciprocating doing things for one another like giving a massage. My gf will feed me a bottle, bathe me, feed me, change me, dress me, and snuggle with me watching tv or movies. Of course this is not every time, but a variety or mix of those activities. Start off slow, and eventually you will both find out what works for you. We also like to play board games, for instance I have a Paw Patrol edition of Trouble. It's not too babyish, its fun and entertaining for us both. Hopefully both of you find out what works for you.

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    Thanks fellas!! That's some pretty good advice there!!! You think this would be a decent site for her to open a caregiver account or share a profile?? Or is there something more caregiver oriented you'd suggest?? And honestly I'm not sure an event is right for me just yet!! I'm pretty anti-social even though I get along with people pretty easily lol!! And dang dude I hope I can get to that point eventually!!! We''l see!!! And board games are always fun!! Mouse trap and chutes and ladders were some of my favorites as a kid!!! I appreciate both your guys' responses!!

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    Good for you! Sounds like your partner is a keeper. It's always good to go slow and carefully work up to what the boundaries are and comfort level. I would probably just play baby toys with her for starters.

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    I was in a similar situation with my girlfriend.

    Before we even met face to face I had told her about my ABDL lifestyle and when we finally got the relationship she loves and embraces. it's a big risk telling somebody that way but I had to do it due to being outed by work colleagues previously.

    The only problem we have is we don't do a lot of ABDL stuff together. She loves putting me in a nappy and she does enjoy wearing herself but i'm just terrible at the whole caregiver/daddy role (in fact I really under appreciate her as a girlfriend).

    We have done a few outdoor photo shoots a while back but we've gone dry recently due to work commitments.

    What would I love us to do...a proper good weekend away glamping, nappied. Somewhere very private, hopefully with a beach where we can just be nappied all day, relax and have fun. Need to save a few pennies first though!

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    I live with my gf who is also my "mommy". Since I am incontinent she puts me in diapers but if I know that I have to go to the bathroom she allows me to use the toilet then re-pins me afterwards.

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    my room mate is my mummy and her boyfriend is my daddy. They both play with me and playing is a good way to come closer to your caregiver. Try getting her to set you a bed time and just whine when it gets to bedtime. my caregivers read me a bedtime story to get me to sleep.

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    My husband is a little and im his mummy. Before i met him i didnt have any interest to the role of mommy. Im DL myself but the AB side never really interested me and i found it bit weird. Then i met him and kinda grew in it i guess, now i love being HIS mummy. Being mummy to anyone else would be just weird. Why i tell this is that we had to start from the beginning. By trying things you will find out which ones are for you two. What we usually do is cuddling and watching cartoons. Playing with toy cars or singing. We also play with building blocks and play animal memory game. Sometimes we just go for walk or kids playing area when its bit darker and no kids around. Bottlefeeding or breastfeeding and feeding him his dinner, changing nappy etc. Do you have anything special in your mind you would like to try? Basicly anything that real little kids would do or anything really. You make the rules with your gf.

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