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Thread: Tapes Failing = Wet Bed

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    Unhappy Tapes Failing = Wet Bed

    It has been a few months since my last post. I have been doing my best to accept my situation and live with wearing diapers when they help. I tried going 24/7 but my stubbornness and shame kept me from committing.

    I stopped my medications and noticed an immediate reduction in my need to run to the bathroom. While desirable, my condition which was being treated by those meds came back. Which forced me to go back on them. Within a week I was getting up to pee in the middle of the night more and more. I also have to end phone calls at work to run to the bathroom.

    I started using diapers again at night time but refuse to wear them at work. I still have shame and even after talking with a therapist (Who says that I should not feel ashamed for wearing them) I still can't accept my need for them.

    My current source of shame comes from a bad batch of Northshore Supreme Diapers where the tapes rip off the back and cause leakage from the leg gatherings. I had to wake up at 5AM today to change, wash my clothes and clean the bed sheets. This was a low point for me as I felt like I wet the bed (Something I haven't done in years)

    I wish someone had the magic words to say which could make me accept things as they are and move on with my life.

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    You can call or text northshore and ger some replacement diapers .
    You have a medical condition , there is nothing to feel shame about ,if you had a cold or flu would you feel shame at the tissues, if your eyes were bad would you not wear glasses. Fight this logically , the basis behind your shame is potty training "only babies wear diapers " type b.s. after 20 years of being IC I don't care who knows and who doesn't, I don't parade around in my diaper , but I don't hide it either , it's what I need to do so other people's stuff is respected, I long ago quit worrying about embarrassment ( what does embarrass me ? People's ignorant mindset about diapers)people 99% of the time are preoccupied with the things they have to pay attention to in there own life, to even spend a second wondering if you are wearing a diaper , and honestly using s little common sense in dressing goes along way in protecting your modesty , unless you dress to flaunt it , most people can not "pick up" on your diaper status .the key to happiness is accepting yourself and then allowing others to do the same, diapers naked dressed doesn't matter you are you with or without the diapers so accept yourself ,accept that your type of underwear is absorbent and move on to more important issues. Diapers do not define you , you can however define them as your normal .

    If this was your first time as an adult wetting the bed congratulations , if you need diapers your bed does to because a diaper leaking or bad tapes or side sleeping will result in an occasional wet bed unless you protect the bed , needing bed protection is a given when the owners pipes leak, this will just be once of 100 times, accidents happen , lessons are learned , rubber sheets go with rubber pants , the best night diapers ( I look like the love child of the pillsberry dough boy and the michelin man, triple boosted cloth with bloomers over top) but the bed still gets it's own protection ,in case mine fails ,it has it will it's natural, accept it , your life is changing you need to accept each day as your "new normal" , if you wet the bed last night great accept it , if you wake up tommorow and it's dry accept it , when it flip flops different days randomly accept it ,because new normal means whatever happens your not surprised, upset or beating yourself up over it.
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    I called North Shore yesterday, they sent me a new pack to replace the ones that I have had to throw out. They have really good customer service.

    I feel that I should be capable of holding it. There are days where I just try my absolute best to hold it instead of giving into my bladder's demands. It just hurts so much to do so. Maybe it is my ableism that is holding me back? I have Rheumatoid Arthritis as well and I am also ignoring the pain the best I can instead of getting the medications that I need.

    I just don't want to deal with this. Life is not fair. I kinda wish I was a ABDL, then it would have been easier to deal with this.

    My pipes don't leak, the diaper does. I am on a medication that has a known side effect of increasing urine production. There isn't an alternative.

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    I wear a premium diaper, booster pad and plastic pants and have only experienced significant leaks three times in the last eleven years, twice at night when I wet the bed and once during the day when I wet my pants. The daytime leak was due to a manufacturing defect in the diaper and at night it was due to slipping tapes/stretching of the diaper. Apparently my moving around in my sleep led to the failure. I now reinforce the diaper tapes with packing tape, and I haven't experienced any nighttime leaking since.

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    Your splitting hairs about the diaper leaking , just because you want to be continent doesn't mean you will be , or that you can be without issues.

    Some of us became DL as a method of coping with the wrench thrown into your life, in most cases its not the valve wrench we all dream of to control the spigot.

    Wether you use diapers out of "sometime need", insurance for emergencies , or just to back up your control when you can , there is no reason to make it into a huge issue of "I should be able" sometimes i think i should be able to do a lot of things that i used to do stand, walk, pick up something heavier than a half gallon of milk , control my bladder ( i am the pre existing condition reference in a compact form 5'7" , if it's not wrong with me , it's not right either ) i became a DL to help "cope" my goal is to use everything on the market for at least one full day ( glad I tried all the cheap shit first when I was in better shape ) so it's kinda a game to keep things interesting, wearing all different diapers whenever is also a challenge to yourself , to accept life on terms you may not have agreed to and get through the day without peeing in my computer for me .

    I don't know how old you are ,( I am 49 or this June 3 , will be my fourth birthday since dieing ) and I know better than to ask a lady her age , living your life as it is instead of coulda ,shoulda, woulda, damn it I want it my way , will relieve a lot of stress , I do everything I can to remain independent and able to do things, I am fighting to remain something I am not anymore and thats in control of most anything , its all up to god ( or whatever your version of god is ) and mother natures sense of humor, something funny happened on the journey to today i stopped worrying about diapers , needing them ,using thrm , owning them , being in my little "pissing contest" with something that shouldn't be a big deal , I don't tell everybody I meet about diapers , but I don't deny that I need them either ,no matter if it's still technically a painfull choice for you , if it's a question of living with more pain or diapers I will take the pain ! Sounds crazy right ,so I'll take door #2 Bob and thats a lifetime of diapers , I am sure your mom and dad never promised that anything in this life was fair , So put that thought out to pasture, as for a medication that increases urine output ,or causes IC , tons and then there is the self medication people use like coffee , tea , pop, alcohol ,energy drinks they are all self medications for god knows what ails you , as for the medication for your arthritis , why are you being do cruel to yourself ? Its typicaly a degenarative condition ( dont worry i am degenrate also ) if you ignore it long enough it will get worse, I have arthritis and many other PIA ,but the ones not trying to end my life are just annoyance ,I ignored my pain for as long as i could but mine wasn't really from the arthritis,but I am glad it's being addressed now.

    If I can help you in any way toward resolving these internal biases you have or just someone to vent at , feel free to reach out to me .

    The only thing that's impossible are what we allow to be !

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    You are right life isn't fair some times, but thats life. cutting out needed meds due to side effects when there is no choice is not a good idea you are causing your self pain needlessly.

    I re enforce my tapes with duct tape and my diaper stays snug longer then just using thhe supplied tapes. unfortunatly leaks happen if you have a bed pad and a backup one to swap out when you leak at night leaks become a non issue.

    i have been wearing 24/7 due to a OAB issue and no one has noticed or said anything premium diapers are the best choice some times when we have bladder issues to deal with there is no shame in needing them. I am not a DL or ADBL just a man that needs and has accepted diapers to keep my pants dry. its hard at first but in a short time you will see thst diapers are not the end of the world and we could be dealing with worse things in life.

    Do your self a favor keep taking the meds to relive your pain and start wearing premium diapers and get on with your life you are not alone in the need for diapers there are millions of us out there that need to be in them and have no choice.

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