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Thread: TB or AB?

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    Default TB or AB?

    I'm not sure if this has come up before in the forums but I'm sure it has at some point. In any case, I thought I'd bring it up anyway.

    For those of us who are 18 or 19 (I am 19 myself), are we considered teen babies or adult babies? We are of the majority but we could still be called teenagers.

    What does everyone think?

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    ... both perhaps? I believe that it all may depend on your personality and how you feel.

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    You could probly go by both. Personally, I'd call it the transition phase from TB to AB. But like Abby said, it's just a label.

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    Use it until your 20 since TB sounds a lot better. :P

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    Meh I;m 20 and still consider myself a TB. However once I'm 21 i might start to refer to myself as an AB (since I'll finally be free of laws that say I'm "too young"). But it like it's been stated before: it's just a label don't stress over it...

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    I have both in my profile.

    I rarely use the terms, but when I need to I use whatever comes to find first. Although I don't exactly feel like an adult, so I'd be more inclined to say teen.

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    I'm 19; I say I'm a TB. I think it's more related to lifestyle. IE, I still live with my parents, but when I move out and become self sufficient, then I'll call myself an AB. However, I think it would be best thought of as transition phrase, as already said.

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    I'll say you're a TB until age 20. Plus, I think it sounds better.

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    I considered myself TB/DL rather than AB/DL when I was 18/19 because, apart from sounding slightly cooler, I didn't want to grow up! But like a few people have said, it's just a label and they both mean exactly the same thing it's just your age that's different.

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