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    I thought it was about time to post an intro.

    About me:

    My AB name is Wyatt and my little age is around 10 months old.

    For as long as i can remember i have liked diapers and have wanted to wear them. To the point of snagging them when my niece was over on the weekends. Or on occasion from my pediatricians office cabinet but at that point i was like in 11th and 12 grade and would tape them on with masking tape just to wear and use them.

    In 6th grade my behavioral counselor gave me my Leppy and i have slept with him ever since and it helps me deal with the darkness within me. Most of my family doesn't understand why i still sleep with a stuffed animal but my care taker/PCA/Healthcare Proxy knows that if i was to lose Leppy that it would not be a good thing as she knows how attached to him i am and breaking that would be bad.

    In 2009 i was diagnosed with Stage 3C almost Stage 4 colorectal cancer and as a result from complications from my first surgery i had to spend 7 months in a skilled nursing facility ( AKA Nursing Home) after being medically cleared to go home in 2010 i was a mess mentally.

    My care taker met me in 2010 when she started to go out with my older brother and right away she know i was autistic and started to deal with my family who refused to believe that to be true even after two independent places tested me and confirmed it to be true. Ever since she has looked out for me and helps keep me stable and not running away from my family like i use to do. Because of her help i became stable got my Associates in Computer repair and Networking and got a decent car and started working.

    My caretaker is now keeping a very close eye on me now because of the new i received on 3/31/17. The news was bad and my oncologist told me my cancer came back and i have to go through more treatment.

    I am currently dealing with Dana Farber and Brigham and Women's Hospital for my cancer treatment and they are giving me the strongest chemo drugs used to treat my type of cancer the down side is that i feel like a Mack Truck ran me over then a Steam roller came along after the truck.

    I have been spending what time that i can when i feel good in my little space to help deal with what is going on. My family has no clue about the little inside of me.

    I am always looking for friends who really understand my true baby self so if you wanna talk just message me

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    Hello Wyatt and welcome to the group.

    Very informative introduction.


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