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Thread: Anyone fly in diapers?

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    Default Anyone fly in diapers?

    As the title says, has anyone flown in diapers. I did once, this will be my first international trip wearing. They do set off the scan unit, and they wand you. Curious to see if they go more in depth with an international trip. Anyone ever receive extra screening while wearing?

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    Pretty common topic of discussion here (there's lots of old threads to read about it), but the short answer is that yes, many of us do for pleasure, and others (like me) don't really have a choice but to fly diapered!

    The consensus is that you PROBABLY won't receive extra screening if you A) Don't act like you have something to hide, or are up to something and B) don't go through wet.

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    Well I generally flap my hands that kinda lifts me off the ground.....

    Jokes aside I have not, but it is something I would like to try.

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    I've flown diapered a few times but have only been through security diapered once. It didn't set off any alarms, but I think my nervousness made me swear a little under my diaper on my extreme lower back and that showed up on the scan. They just padded my lower back which would have been the very top of the back of my diaper, found nothing and cleared me to go through.

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    Yep fly every week. Diapers on every time. Like others said, just be confident and don't look nervous. I have been pulled out and searched tpo the point of even removing my diaper one time as the cops they brought in thought it might be drugs. It happens and you go about your day. Most times though I just walk through and find a bar.

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    Yup pretty common thread just do a search. But yes just travelled all the way from Orlando to Sydney in diapers no issues

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    Yes, we've done this thread thousands of times.

    I've flown diapered quite a bit and never been searched or received any extra attention. It wouldn't bother me if I did.

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    If riding in a plane is flying, then riding in a boat is swimming. With that said, yes, I have truly gone flying (though most call it skydiving) while diapered. I have also been on commercial airplane flights while diapered.

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    I like to change when I'm through security b ut some airports, you have to seek assistance to use the disabled bathroom and other times, they're open. I like to change in them. Had a 5 hour flight last summer so changed. Only to get an upgrade to Business... I had a baggy T-Shirt on so no one noticed it under my shorts...

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