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Thread: During an accident

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    Default During an accident

    When you're in the process of having an accident, which of the following do you normally do?

    1) Fight the urge to try and stop the accident from happening any more.

    2) Relaxed and let whatever happens, happen.

    3) Help the accident out by pushing and forcing everything out.

    When I first turned incontinent, option 1 always was the case. In the past year or so. I've switched to option 3- if I'm going to fill my nappy with an accident, I want it all to happen at once so I can deal with one change. This option also means that any discomfort quickly dissapears.

    Over to you!

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    Option 2 is prettymuch my only option honestly. It's mainly just wait.

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    If both are happening at the same time I just relax and let it all happen and deal with the clean up and change all at once

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    I have no control so just let it go and clean up asap.

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    I have no control so I can neither force it nor stop it. So, option 2.

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    Mostly answer 2. But when I am by myself and wearing diapers then it's answer 3. But I change promptly after the accident to minimize smell and minimize chances of getting an uncomfortable diaper rash.

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    For many years it was option one, then starting in my mid-twenties and slowly over time, it became option two. Forcing or pushing is not something I've really done since my body automatically does it for me.

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