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    Like all of you Iím complicated butÖ

    Iím here because I want to be a member of a forum like this which might be Ďenough saidí but I know that you want to know more soÖ

    I donít know what I am. I never have, and I now know that I never will know what I am, but I think I can safely call myself a childlike diaper-loving sissy. Iím very attracted to women but I canít have sexual relations with them because I want sex as a heterosexual woman even though Iím not attracted to men (though I do use them in my fantasies as a heterosexual woman) I will not use the 'A' word but I think that typology does exist, but in a different form to the conventional one which was idiotic, narrow-minded, and utterly implausible.

    Growing up I thought that I was a girl trapped in a boyís body, but now I know that nothing about any of us is that simple. It now seems to me at sixty-one that I wanted to be a girl so much I just refused to grow up to be a man - the thought of which absolutely horrifies me.

    One day I might wish I was like Kaley Cuoco Ö a pretty young woman in a pretty pink dress, and the next day I might want to be a little girl in a pretty yellow sundress playing with her dolls. I had an absolutely adorable doll that I bought when I was thirty-two, and I wish that I had kept her because I want a doll again after twenty-nine years without one. I hate taking my dummy out of my mouth to eat and drink when Iím at home and when Iím out I usually feel like Iím missing something important like my wallet but itís my pacifier of course.

    I like to imagine that Kaley is wearing a Prevail belted shield and plastic (bikini) europants under her pretty pink dress because I certainly would be if I was her because I love to wet myself even if only a little when I canít wear a Molicare maxi slip like I do at night.

    Iím retired on a disability pension because fifty-eight years of wanting to be a girl has done my head in, but I still like to have a babyís bottle of chocolate milk at night so lifeís still worth living. And later this year Iím going to buy a twenty-five foot yacht so I can go cruising again. And yes, I will sail along with my pacifier in my mouth so I donít see how I can realistically call myself an Ďadultí even though I donít identify as being a Ďlittleí.

    I cannot decide if I would prefer to be Scarlett Johansson or Anna Faris, but I do know that I never have and definitely donít want to be me.

    Being Anna Faris as a thirteen year old might be really nice because I love growing breasts, which I have done twice in my life becauseÖ

    Iím complicated and life is strange. And I'm an A cup but I want to be a small B which I can hide when I'm out in the real world. If there really are multiverses do any of you know where my Earth is and how I get there?

    Love & kisses

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    Hi and welcome to the site. Yes your are complicated, but you're in good company on this site. I suspect that most of us are complicated. I hope you'll feel comfortable to become involved in the threads and discussions. It will help us to get to know you better, and you know us. Welcome.

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    Thanks dogboy. It didn't take much reading to become comfortable with this community and the issues involved given that I have been grappling with so many of them for 58 years.

    Peace jamilla

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