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Thread: Is Tena any better than Depends?

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    Default Is Tena any better than Depends?

    At night I wear premium diapers, but I'm really just looking for a cheaper, more discreet option for the day. I don't wear 24/7, just when certain medical issues flare up. Id prefer tab style just because it's a pain to get undressed when you have to change your pull-ups. Is Tena a good brand? I've also been looking at Procare, Attends, and Wings. Honestly, despite being an ABDL and partial IC for all my life, I know very little outside of store brands

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    Apples and oranges is the comparison. Though the Tena you get in the USA is not as good as we get in Australia or in Europe but still very good compared to depends. What premium diaper do you wear at night?

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    I wear either northshore surpreme or confidry 24/7. But I lose full control at night because I have seizures. During the day I'll only occasionally have like a "full" accident and I'll mostly make it to the toilet. I'm more looking for "just in case" protection for the day.

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    I say Tena is a lot better than depends. Here are some differences.

    Absorbancy/holding: Most depends can hold 1 or 2 wettings but they're not built for #2. Most of the tenas that I've seen can hold up to 3 wettings and can withstand a pile of crap. D:0/T:1.

    Tapes: Only 2 depend products utilizes tapes, and they suck. AU is better used when the sides have been ripped open, and FMP tapes barely last a single night. Tena tapes are more reliable and stronger. The Classic brief tapes occasionally rip only when putting one on, while other products may come with adhesives and a landing zone. D:0/T:2.

    Sizing: I have a 42-in waist and weigh 250 lbs. For most Depend products, I can fit in both sizes. Tena has their sizing wrong, I'll stick to the classic briefs for this one. The mediums say up to 47-in, but I can't close the tapes, however the large ones say 48-59 inches and those fit me all snugly. D:1/T:2.

    Pricing/Availability: Getting Depends online is too expensive. To buy one pack of adjustable underwear, it's $15 at any store that sells incon products, and whenever I shop for them, I'm always afraid I might run into someone I know. Tena, on the other hand has varied prices, but where I live, they can only be bought online. I found the best deal for them on EBay: A case of 100 classic briefs for $36 on medium and $44 on large. D:1/T:3.

    Comfort: Depends only use a small portion for padding, most of them just feel like spandex on my butt. Tena uses more care for people with bowel issues, as they have more padding and the wings feel soft. D:1/T:4

    I used to like depends until I got my first case of Tenas. I think Tena is a far superior brand.

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    The US Tena brand isn't great. The tabs tear the weak cloth fabric in front and the fit becomes quite loose. Also the padding tends to fall apart and bunch up. That's my experience with them anyway.

    As for the other brands you've listed, they are quite bad honestly, they are cheap and yeah, they are made cheap.

    I don't know exactly the protection you need. If you have a full void, most cheap adult diapers or store brand diapers can't handle a full bladder. If that's the case, I'd suggest you to think about an upgrade.

    Perhaps you can order some samples from Tranquility or NorthshoreCare.

    Tranquility is one of the middle of the road brands that sit in the middle of premium and store brand. I think these may be better for you and per piece, are pretty cheap but you get your money's worth.

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    I was afraid of that :/ so what would you recommend for daytime wear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pgfdp View Post
    I was afraid of that :/ so what would you recommend for daytime wear?
    Tranquility is a more cost friendly but more effective option. If I were you I'd get in touch with

    They can provide you with samples and are very nice and discrete. They have plenty to choose from. I'm sure if you email then they'll send you some samples of different kinds and you can make a better decision before buying in bulk.

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    us tena is not good for odors. Also when it gets really wet you sometimes feel it around the legs. Depends are low volume in comparision but they are comfortable and plastic backed, they work well with some type of soaker pad, ironically tena overnights are a good choice.

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    For cheap but still able to hold one or maybe two wettings, id recommend either Tranquility ATN, or xpmedical's a-plus.

    Keep in mind though, the thinner and cheaper you go, the more lilely you are to leak. And a thin diaper that's leaked is WAY more noticeable than a thick one that's done it's job.

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